Cam Cameron on Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and the Ravens offenseCam Cameron wouldn’t take the blame for leaving Ray Rice on the sidelines in the Baltimore Ravens beat down in Houston two weeks ago. The team’s play caller told reporters after practice on Thursday that Joe Flacco’s audibles were to blame for some of the passing plays.

“Ray is a big part of what we’re doing. We have to make sure that within our audible system the audibles don’t take the ball out of his hands, based on what the defense might be dictating,” Cameron said last week.

On Sunday however, all was merry and bright for Joe, Cam and Ray.

Rice found the end zone halfway through the first quarter, carried the ball 25 times and fell just two yards shy of 100. Flacco threw for 153 yards and had a TD as well, but most importantly, he got the thumbs up from Cam squared.

“Joe [Flacco] did a phenomenal job of audibling to some runs and got us a couple of big runs there,” Cameron said after the game according to Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun. “You saw what [Flacco] did on the two-point conversion. That was a great call by Joe.”

Should we be reassured by these comments or even more alarmed? I’m not sure what to think.

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  1. The Cleveland Browns…The Elixir for everything that ails you…

  2. I think Cam is out of touch with this team. When the offensive players were interviewed about yesterday’s game, they voiced how they were frustrated during those 2nd and 3rd quarters. Then when asking Cam if he was frustrated he answered with a “no.” Last week he was blaming Flacco.

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