Ray RiceYou’ve heard by now that Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl running back, Ray Rice, didn’t touch the ball at all in the fourth quarter agains the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s baffling. Five days later, I still can’t wrap my mind around.

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was asked about his fourth quarter play calling in a press conference on Thursday. Cameron blamed Rice’s fourth quarter absence on a lack of opportunities. The Ravens ran just eight plays.

You ran eight offensive plays in the fourth quarter and Ray Rice didn’t touch the ball … (Matt Vensel) “That’s our own fault. It’s our job on offense to convert on third down. If we convert on third down, we are out there for, hopefully, another three downs. When you don’t convert on third down, you aren’t going to be out there. Our guys know we need to do a better job of converting on third down. Then you get more opportunities. For us to be at the lowest we’ve have been in five years in terms of time of possession is strictly on our offense. We need to convert on third down better, and we need to stay on the field longer. We can’t keep putting our defense back out there in critical situations. We had an opportunity to extend the lead. Our guys know it. You have to extend the lead in this business. Otherwise, you just open the door for the other team to get back in the ballgame. How do you do that? You make plays, No. 1, or execute plays. Making plays probably isn’t a great way [of wording it]. Execute plays and convert [is saying it better]. If we get our third-down percentage up, we will have more time of possession. We are going to have more opportunities. But percentage-wise, Ray has had the ball more this year than other years, but we haven’t had as many opportunities. And right now, that’s our own undoing. That’s something that we have to get fixed right here in December, and I’m confident that we will.”

As we pointed out earlier this week, Ray Rice is on pace for the fewest carries in the last three seasons. So Cam saying “Ray has had the ball more this year than other years,” is flat out inaccurate.