Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron spoke to the media today and took the responsibility for the Ravens offensive issues. Cameron also said he knows how fix the offense.

“No one wants to hear any excuses on why it happened,” Cameron said. “I know where the accountability lies on what happened. I’ve just been in it too long, it’s my responsibility. It’s my responsibility to get it fixed too. That’s the good news. I know how to get it fixed.”

When asked if he was unfairly criticized after the loss to the Steelers, Cameron responded saying “there’s nothing that’s been said that I wouldn’t have said.” I suppose that includes Terrell Suggs response after the game in which he said he couldn’t believe that no one saw Troy Polamalu line up to eventually cause the game changing fumble on Joe Flacco.

“You’re looking at the guy responsible,” he said. “There’s a flaw in that protection. We don’t have a protection where 43 comes unblocked. We don’t have a run play where 43 comes unblocked in that game. There are some cases where guys can be unblocked. Not him.”

The Ravens will see if Cameron has repaired the offense against the worst pass defense, the Texans, on Monday night.

Are you glad to see Cam Cameron take responsibility for the poor offensive performance this season?