Last week, Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron took responsibility for the Ravens offensive struggles and told the media that he knows “how to get it fixed.” After an 34-28 overtime win against the Houston Texans, Cam was wrong.

The Ravens started early against the Texans, scoring 21 points before walking into the locker room at halftime.  Joe Flacco was 15 for 22 with 152 yards passing and two touchdowns in the first thirty minutes.  But when the time came for Cam Cameron to put away Houston, the Ravens offense fell flat once again.

The Ravens lone seven points in the second half came in the first 15 seconds, when David Reed returned the kickoff 103 yards.  Baltimore had the ball for just four minutes and 28 seconds in the third quarter, ran just ten plays for 42 yards and failed to convert on third down.

When Cam’s offense had a chance to pick up the Ravens defense after they let Matt Schaub and Houston come within eight points of the lead, the Ravens fell again.  On 3rd and 2 with 2:58 left in the game and the Texans with no timeouts remaining, Cameron elected to pass the ball instead of run.  The incompletion saved Houston forty seconds and set up their game tying 95 yard drive.

After the game, Ray Rice talked about the play call.  “When you consider yourself a playmaker, you want to ball.” Rice said. “And I want it.”  Terrell Suggs also expressed his concern for the Ravens inability to finish off their opponents, “a win is a win, but the story all season is put teams away,” Suggs said. “If you want to win championships, you got to put teams away.” John Harbaugh told the media that the play call “wasn’t so much about the clock, but about getting the first down.”

Again we have to ponder whether Cameron’s play calling, given all of his talent, will cost him his job at the end of the season.  What do you think?

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. I sure hope so.

    This team blows. It's getting worse, not better, and they just don't see it according to their comments.
    If I hear the "they get paid too" response 1 more time, I'm gonna puke. I wanna say, then, they did there jobs, and you didn't do yours. So you are fired and I want to hire them.

    The same thing every week. Our coordinators can't adjust and get outcoached. We are so predictable. The Defense stops us on all of these 3-1, because THEY KNOW HE IS GOING TO PASS. You are not gonna catch someone off gaurd, when you do the same thing every time. Run the GD ball.
    Stop getting conservative on your passing attack once you have a lead.

    They just got NOTHING, against the worst GD defense in the NFL.

  2. an avid ravens fan

    Check this out: We were facing 3rd and 2 yards to go on the Houston 44 with 2:58 on the clock; the Ravens call for a pass. You have to call for a run here and run another 40 seconds off the clock against a team with no timeouts. Why did Flacco not run the clock down when there was only 56 seconds away from winning the game? it would have taken at least 25-40 seconds off of the clock? then, how can we continue to NOT finish the game after being in the lead by 3 touchdowns? Thank God for Josh Wilson!!! Had he not been in the position to intercept and be alert at that moment, we would not have won that game!!!

    • Check this out. I used to run an ice cream truck back in the '80's, this kid would always give me wet dollar bills. That what I feel like the Ravens are giving me, a bunch of wet dollar bills. all the Ravens do is Dink and dunk and Wilt under pressure.

      • What they need to do "9inchheals" is become like pent up bumblebees in a mailbox. You know, enclosed in a small area with no escape unless the mailman comes by to deliver mail then they all bust out and attack the mailman because they were in a frenzy stuck in that mailbox.

  3. The coaches and the play of the team as a hole is horrible….I really feel for the fans who had to put up with a bad baseball team and how they looked forward to the Ravens playing like champs….well, it never happened……The Raven's owner needs to get in someones face

    • I have to agree, the play of the team as a "hole' is terrible. You from Dundalk, Stan? How many teeth you missing? I bet you like fishin, huntin, NASCAR and watching paint dry.

  4. I'll be checking back on the website all day to see if Bisciotti gets off his rear and fires this clownish excuse for an O-coordinator. How can he not have learned after the 3rd down Polamalu debacle against Pittsburgh? It's still okay to line up McClain, McGahee and two tight ends and run someone over when you need a couple of yards, or even just run 40 off the clock. What an idiot!

    • Fire Ozzie, dammit. This team has not done anything since the real brains, Phil Savage left. Overrated defense, poor offensive and defensive lines. Secondary leaks like my '73 El Camino. Ozzie has to go.

    • Yeah you probably won't hear that midseason.

  5. Has anyone ever seen Cam Cameron and Matt Cavanaugh at the same time? I swear they are one and the same!

  6. Calm down folks…I believe the basis of all the Ravens problems are in both lines…the offensive line has regressed as this year has gone forward and the defensive line hasn't played well all year.
    That being said, I have no problem going for the win by throwing on 3rd and 2 when your self-proclaimed 'playmaker' barely averaged 2 yrds/carry the entire game. The offensive line moved no one and, if you noticed, every time the Ravens sent the lead blocker in motion, Houston rotated 3 men in that direction so that they always outnumbered the Ravens at the point of attack.

    Yet, Rice NEVER cutback and I believe he left a great deal of yards on the field because of that.

    There is plenty of blame…neither Dickson nor Pitta is any good at blocking….for that matter, neither is Chris Chester. The Ravens would do better with a 4 WR set forcing people out of the box more.

    The backside is allowing too much penetration on running plays and that is stopping most cutbacks. Still, they are there on occassion and Rice does not seem to be moving to them as quickly as he did last year.

  7. We got problems!

  8. We should hire Josh McDaniels as OC…at least Stallworth knows the playbook(2007 Pats).

  9. Okay was it just me or did the Ravens defense also NOT show up. As everyone stated the Ravens offense is as predictable as Obama screwing up the country, but its hard to score points when the other team has the ball…for almost the entire second half on three 90 yard plus drives.

    • Defense/?The Ravens have not had a solid defense in three years. Just like Matt Ryan said, the Falcons were out to take advantage of the Ravens poor pass defense. Everyone knows it and Drew Brees will exploit it ths week. Saints 37 Ravens 17. Ozzie, Cam and Mattison can all call a cab!

  10. You know folks, think its time to get rid of Harbaughs fathers good friend Mattison also. He's clueless as anything… Mattison like Harbaugh was a low level coach who never had alot of responsibility and was thrust into a job he's not suited for. But, he being Harbs fathers best friend he got the D-Coord job… Why do these Head Coaches think their friends, Daddys friends or even their kids can be top level coaches? Hell, look at Shanahan in Washington. His son is O-Coord. That tells me all these Head Coaches are interested in is giving friends/family jobs. Do you think Mattison should have been hired over Mike Nolan at the time?

    All in all, Harbaugh is a joke as a Head Coach also… Everyone ready for Harbs "Mighty Men" pep talk? Harbs should being doing something stupid any day now.

  11. Folks, you are getting just what the owner said you would when he took over a little over 3 years ago…a consistent playoff team. You can't expect a champion when your owner gives you a blueprint to "make the playoffs". They'll "make it" again and if they're lucky, they'll win one game. When you set the bar low, that's generally the results you get. Harbaugh is a nice family man, but still in way over his head. You can tell that when a slightly tough question comes up or someone questions his decision making. 2488 and I have preached this from day one and now the rest of you are finally taking notice.

    • i don't want a consistent playoff team. i want one that can win Super Bowls. look at the Phillies and Royals of the '80s. they went to the playoffs every year and could not get over the hump. Marty Scottenheimer and the Chargers ring a bell?

      • Nails, talk to the owner, he's the one "hiring guys with thin resumes" and preaching "making the playoffs year in and year out." It's a nice little thing he's got going. Keeps the fans interested, sells merchandise, Town Hall gets all gussied up with purple lights, it's all good, Nails. Fans can say "well, at least they MAKE the playoffs unlike the Orioles". Enjoy the ride.

    • "2488 and I have preached this from day one and now the rest of you are finally taking notice" MGW, you and 2488 are clowns. It's easy to talk negatively about the team and then say, see what I said earlier on when the team doesn't win the ring. What are the chances of a team winning the SB? 8%? That means you and 2488 have a 92% chance of being right. Boy, you two chuckleheads really know how to go out on a limb. There are obviosly problems with this team, I don't want to hear I told you so by you two Einsteins.

  12. Pole is one of those guys who hates it when he is wrong and cannot bear to throw accolades to MGW and myself because we have been correct on what we say all season long. MGW and myself would love for Pole to join us "Einsteins" as Pole truely brings something to the table, like a couple ham sandwiches, some brewski's, salt & pepper of course and a nice Chicken Pot Pie…

    I don't want to speak ill of Pole so close to Christmas, but he's nothing but a common street entertainer… Pole is a phenomenal dancer…

    All I got to say Pole is "Stop hatin', start participatin'. Come on, twinkle twinkle, baby, twinkle twinkle"…

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