Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green was named an alternate captain for the 2011 NHL All Star Weekend in Raleigh. Green along with the other captains and alternates will choose the teams live during the All Star fantasy draft on Friday at 8 PM.

Green will pick along side fellow alternate captain Ryan Kessler and captain Eric Staal.

Katie Carrera of Capitals Insider says that Green hasn’t heard any lobbying from players for a top pick, yet.

Green said Saturday morning that he hasn’t heard from players lobbying to be a top draft pick and said that it will be a three-man job in selecting the team.

“We’ll see how it goes. We’ll obviously have to discuss [a draft plan] once we get there,” Green said. “I’ll put my info in on certain things. I obviously have a lot of the forwards coming down on me, so I’ll have some inside scoops on their tendencies and if we need them or not.”

I love that the NHL is doing a draft for the All-Star game and it’s great to see D.C. represented in the selection. What do you think?