Thursday, February 26, 2015



Some colleagues were discussing their favorite players from their childhood, when I started wondering: who is my least favorite member of the Orioles from 1998-2011? This...

By now you’ve definitely seen it. Not only did Maryland upset Wisconsin, but the students brought back the flash mob in an epic fashion on Wednesday night.

This post originally appeared at at Bird's Eye View. [youtube] So it was foolish to think that #TheNickMarkakisWatch was over, eh? Let's recap: Nick Markakis played...
Nick Markakis - Baltimore Orioles

Nick Markakis arrived at Atlanta Braves camp on Wednesday and spoke more openly than I ever heard him speak in his nine years in Baltimore.

The Nelson Cruz Franchise Report considers the legacies of Tom Brady and Craig Biggio. Mike Petriello (Fangraphs, Mike Sciosia's Tragic Illness) joins us to talk...
Jarret Johnson - former Baltimore Ravens linebacker

The Baltimore Ravens, as a franchise, are known for having some of the most stingy and nasty defenses that ever graced an NFL football field. The players come and go but the defense still maintains that culture. A culture that is presented by four simple words, “Play Like A Raven”. In my time as a fan, I’ve never been able to tell you what those four words mean, but I can point it out on a football field.
Hunter Harvey - Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher

Baltimore Orioles prospect Hunter Harvey has developed a splitter, the pitch most commonly associated with elbow injuries. Should the O's be concerned?

Leading Off Spring Training is here, which means that the grainy cell phone pictures and mundane tweets from the Orioles beat have started cropping up....
CC Sabathia - New York Yankees starting pitcher --- AL East

With CC Sabathia reporting to Yankees Spring Training at a whopping 305 pounds, I thought it would be a swell idea to compare collective team weights of all five AL East clubs. Our very own mastermind, Jake English, suggested something even better, comparing dollars per pound.

As we prepare to turn the calendar to March, it means Spring Training baseball is upon us. Hard to believe isn't it? Though we're still stuck in February for a few more days, which means that Grapefruit and Cactus League games don't start until next week.
Miguel Gonzalez - Baltimore Orioles SP

Discussions are currently being had on a majority of sports media in Baltimore regarding who is going to be in the Orioles' starting rotation. One of those players being jockeyed back and forth is Miguel Gonzalez. As a player who was optioned last year, he appears to be a prime candidate for not making the rotation.

“Hazing the rookie” has been a part of sports culture for a long time. Hazing, in general, has been around as early as 1495.
Earl Weaver - Baltimore Orioles manager

While we prepare for that first exciting O's radio broadcast from warm, sunny and beautiful (who else is jealous?) Sarasota Florida, here's a great way to get you ready for baseball season. On May 27, 1981, Earl Weaver's O's swept the New York Yankees at home after securing game three on a walkoff RBI single from the King of Swing, Terry Crowley.

Today is a big day, where (admittedly) very little happens. It marks the end of a waiting period that begins the moment your team's season ends. In 2014, the countdown began when the Orioles lost Game 4 of the ALCS. It intensified when the San Francisco Giants became the World Series champions. It's a date every baseball fan marks as the start of baseball season, and throughout the cold winter, the whole world asks "when do pitchers and catchers report?"
Baltimore Orioles fans

Local radio and Twitter responses have led me to believe that, in general, Orioles fans are a pretty miserable bunch. Apparently, that's not the case.

Guys. Spring Training starts tomorrow. Seriously. NO REALLY - there is going to be baseball-like stuff going on, and not just in our imaginations. It won't be a replay on Orioles Classics, it will be real, bona fide baseball-like stuff. Jogging shorts will be worn. Heads will turn and cough. Who could ask for anything more?
Melo Trimble - Maryland Terrapins

The BSR Podcast gang discusses the Maryland Terrapins moving up to number 16 in the latest AP Poll after their 76-73 victory at Penn State over the weekend.
Jonathan Schoop - Baltimore Orioles 2B

February is the worst month of the year for many reasons. One, it is cold and when you live in Maryland, where the weather seems to hate every single citizen, it is very cold and windy. There is also no baseball being played anywhere in the United States.