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On this episode of Baltimorons, Dave McKenna (Deadspin) joins us to talk about Peter Angelos’s spotty record as a champion of the little guy, and reminisces about his legal tussles with Dan Snyder following the publication of a famous list of grievances. PLUS: comfort in the wake of the latest Bundy Troubles from none other than the Bard. […]

Travis Snider - Baltimore Orioles outfielder

June 28, 2015. What. A. Day. Following a rainout on Saturday, the Orioles were faced with a day-night double header against the Cleveland Indians. There were season ticket holder events cancelled, promotions moved around and rescheduled, and a number of roster decisions on the table.


Every Monday I will be posting random news and notes I can find about the Orioles either from the past week or just in general. This is meant as an entertainment purpose on Monday because it is the most dismal of the days. The Orioles swept the double header against the Cleveland Indians on Sunday […]


The Orioles whipped their fans into a frenzy with this garden gnome promotional give away. I won’t say they overdid it with the marketing campaign, but… yes: the Orioles completely overdid it with marketing the gnome giveaway. It started with Orioles (and MASN… is there a difference?) social media, spread quickly to the Orioles media […]


Six-man rotations have always interested me. Baseball has evolved to the point to get the modern five-man rotation we see today. Even not too long ago, at least relative to baseball, we had four-man rotations. The next logical step from here has always been six. My curiousness about it has come from how certain Orioles […]


Last week, news broke that the FBI was investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking the internal networks of the Houston Astros.  Whatever this thing going on between the Cardinals and Houston is, you can bet on one thing: entertainment. What more intrigue could you possibly want? Personal vendettas, corporate espionage, hissy fits from “the […]

Corey Kluber - Cleveland Indians

After taking two of three from the Red Sox in Boston, the Orioles are back home and host the Cleveland Indians for a weekend series that includes a matchup against Cy Young award winner Corey Kluber, some fireworks and the highly anticipates Buck Showalter garden gnome.