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After all the parity talk throughout the season, it turns out the two best teams from the AFC and NFC are playing for all the NFL rubles in the City by the Bay. The Carolina Panthers opened as a 3.5 point favorite as soon as they finished off the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. Soon there after the early money came in fast and hard on the Panthers and the line presently sits at 6.


Since coming out of LSU in 2012, Kevin Gausman has been one of the more interesting Orioles pitching prospects. To me, he has been more likely to succeed than his contemporaries, Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey, as I could see Gausman's development hitting a fork in the road, and he dominates in either development path. He throws hard, which could translate to a dominant starter, i.e. a right-handed, shorter Randy Johnson, or a flame-throwing reliever, your poor man's Aroldis Chapman. After seeing some of his performances in the 2015 season, digesting them, thinking about them and how they are going to translate into the 2016 season, I believe he can be at least a mid-range starter this year, and with time, develop into a top of the line starter.


Leading Off So... anything new happening in your corner of Birdland? Pretty quiet around here. Except, of course, for the #ChrisDavisWatch coming to an end with the largest deal in franchise history. So, yeah. There's that. Jake and Scott return from a vacation to the most magical place on earth and pull up lame (well, lamer than usual) in their first…

Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles 1B

Chris Davis can buy whatever he wants at Target. In fact, with $161 million, he can buy Target. Jabby Burns, Connor Guercio, Cody Colston and Zach Wilt discuss the seven year deal with the Orioles, break down the deferred money and talk about the positives and negatives of the contract.


Who: #3 Maryland Terrapins vs. Michigan Wolverines What: The Terps continue their barnstorming tour through the Midwest. Where:  Crisler Center When:9:00 PM Media:  ESPN Line: Maryland (-1.5) Three things to know about Michigan: They’re missing their best player: Embed from Getty Images   Remember the last game against Wisconsin? The one where Melo euthanized a few thousand Badgers? Well there aren’t many similarities…


Leading Off If you're reading this, Bird's Eye View wishes  you the happiest of New Years. We hope that 2016 brings you happiness, wealth, and an Orioles World Series Championship. The offseason remains inactive, even though a number of Top 20 free agents (including one #19 who used to play in Birdland) remain on the board. Here's hoping Dan Duquette…