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The sky is not falling. There are good times ahead. We're going to compete well the rest of the way. I have a lot of confidence. It wasn't there for us tonight.

Buck Showalter

It's become something of a tradition for us to produce a couple of musical numbers for the opening, and the 2015  BEVys were no exception. Here's Jake's contribution (with full apologies to Paul Simon), Fifty Ways to Strand a Runner.


Last year, Ubaldo Jimenez was transitioned to the bullpen due to poor command, but also because he failed to have success with his slider and curveball.  The results when transitioning to the bullpen in limited work were not impressive for developing command and/or lowering his ERA (6.75 ERA as Reliever).  However, Jimenez posted an improved K/9 and his FIP (2.01) and…


A wide-ranging conversation with Charlie Hoppes (of the dearly-departed Orioles Spastics podcast), covering the latest developments in Charlie's sleepwear, Charlie's thoughts on Game of Thrones, Charlie's dating life, and the Orioles midseason prognosis.

Sure, the Home Run Derby story was a good one: hometown participant wins it all, yada yada yada... But let's talk about the real star of the Home Run Derby: Adam Jones. Now, I can hear you objecting that Adam Jones didn't even participate, and you are technically correct. However. Jones made two cameos that brought a bigger smile to my face…

The Gillette Home Run Derby

  The Home Run Derby is an event that started in 1985 during the All-Star break to showcase power hitter's ability to crush home runs in a competition outside of the normal play of baseball. It is one of my most favorite things about baseball because who does not love watching home runs? In the last two home run derbies,…