I used to dog on Rex Ryan for scooping up the Ravens scraps and attempting to build a quality team around them.  I guess Bart Scott really taught him a lesson.

This offseason it seems as though the San Diego (Super) Chargers have followed Ryan’s plan.  They’ve signed three ex-Ravens just days into free agency.

Here’s a brief overview of their offseason:

Those three former Ravens will join former Baltimore linebacker Antwan Barnes.  Sarah Ellison of BaltimoreRavens.com points out that Barnes was drafted by the Ravens in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL draft.

The Ravens dealt Barnes to Philadelphia in 2010 after he was stuck on John Harbaugh’s doghouse (that part wasn’t on BR.com).  He later signed with the Chargers after being released by the Eagles.

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  1. What? Harbaugh has a doghouse? Really? When did this start?

    There is your real reason why players are leaving the Ravens, it’s because they do not like Harbaugh. Harbaugh is the biggest joke of a coach or leader this side of Flacco thinking he’s a Top 5 QB.

    Paul Kruger, who is always around the QB when he is allowed to play, was in the Harbaugh doghouse for 2 1/2 years. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you get in that stupid ass doghouse of Harbaughs then your done.

    Maybe Harbaugh will get his 9-10 year old team of kids that he thinks he is coaching some more ice cream this year. Not that Harbaugh made sure he set that up when Peter King was making his training camp visits and writing on each camp for Sports Illustrated.

    Harbaugh = Joke of a coach

    • still wearing that stupid handle bar mustache?

      • Intimidator’s stache looks more like a goatee rather than a stupid handle bar mustache…

        • nah,,,,straight up handle bars. put him in a police officer outfit and he could qualify for the village people…..but he’s probably more of a cowboy cause he like’s it when dudes grab his hips.

    • The real spy did not write this………this imposter really wants to be me because he is plain stupid , he gave it up this time though , where are the coma’s and period’s dummy………..

      • Hey spy , you have an admirer don’t you , this pretender is a fool , the intimidator knows you wouldn’t make those comments about him , this pretender better watch out , he doesn’t want both you and the intimidator after him.

  2. Let’s be real here shall we? Only one of those players (jj) were taken directly from the Ravens this offseason & I’d hardly call him a “scrap”. Just because the others mentioned were Ravens at one point in time doesn’t mean that Baltimore can continue to lay claim to them their entire careers, one came from Philly and two came from KC. The Ravens have had a quality defense for years it’s understandable that good players would have had to been let go, take that as a compliment. Just don’t go acting bitter and accuse teams of hoarding your scraps when the reality is not that cut and dry.

    • B-Mack…Spot on…The Intimidator was caught off base by you on this one…The only problem I see with the defections to the West Coast is that someone else will have to step up and make the stupid-arse late-hit three steps out of bounds in Pittsburgh to cost the Ravens home field advantage like Johnson, Jarret did a couple a years ago…

  3. Norv Turner is a bigger joke of a coach than Harbaugh…

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