Chris DavisA friend of mine asked me the other day if I thought Chris Davis could keep up the amazing pace he’s on so far in 2013. “No,” I simply responded. He seemed shocked by my answer. “I don’t think Chris Davis will hit 60 home runs, I think he’s probably more in the 45 range.”

Somehow my friend was disappointed with my answer. I hope I’m wrong, but would you really be upset if Davis only hit 40-45 homers?

I wouldn’t.

On Sunday, Davis belted his Major League leading 20th homer of the season. He became the fastest Oriole to hit number 20 in a single season since Brady Anderson did so on May 29, 1996. On that date, Anderson was hitting .320/.435/.751 with 20 home runs and 37 RBI. On June 3, 2012, Chris Davis is hitting .357/.440/.754 with 20 homers and 52 RBI.

Anderson finished the 1996 season with a career high 50 long balls and 110 RBI. Would you be upset if Davis did the same?

Yeah, me neither.