Chris Davis belts his league-leading 38th home runIt had been ten games — TEN WHOLE GAMES — since Chris Davis homered.

I’m being sarcastic, but prior to Tuesday’s game ESPN Stats and Information did tweet that 183 players, including two pitchers had hit more homers than Davis since the All-Star break.

Yeah, but do 183 players have 38 dingers? Nope, they don’t. Only one guy does.

After the game, the league’s home run leader jokingly told’s Steve Melewski that his long national nightmare is over. “I’m so happy. I can sleep tonight,” Davis said. “I can eat again. Don’t have to wake up and cry.”

Apparently he wasn’t that bothered by “drought.”

Davis’ 38th homer comes after an off day and with him serving as the team’s DH, a role he told Gary Thorne he enjoys. “Don’t tell anybody that,” Davis said on MASN after the game. “I think it’s good every now and then to get off your feet as much as you can, especially with the day off yesterday, it’s kind of like a day and a half off, and you know we got a chance to see Ryan Flaherty play first which is always a treat.”

The O’s slugger has 115 career home runs, 20 of which have been hit from the DH role. Interestingly, Davis has hit a homer once every 13.45 at-bats as a designated hitter (20 homers in 269 at-bats), just ahead of his home runs per at-bat as a first baseman (one every 16.30 at-bats).

Davis also referred to Flaherty as “Flash,” which I (a) had never heard before and (b) will be calling Flaherty from now on.