Chris Davis hit 12 home runs in the Home Run Derby and hasn’t hit one in a game since, but please, tell me more about how the event doesn’t mess with a hitter’s swing. I tried to warn you guys.

Chris Davis home run derbyOn Thursday night, baseball’s home run leader went 0-for-4 with the Golden Sombrero — four strikeouts. As Roch Kubatko points out over at, Davis has at least one strikeout in his last 19 games, the longest active streak in the big leagues.

A huge part of Davis’ success this season has been he increased plate discipline. He cut his out of zone swing percentage from 39.8 percent last season to 35.5 percent this year according to’s plate discipline data.

Since the Derby, Davis is 6-for-30 with one walk (intentional) and 13 strikeouts. Davis’ strikeout rate was 28 percent in the first half, it’s up to 41.9 percent in the second half. His wOBA has fallen from .458 to .238 after the break.

I doubt he’ll blame the Home Run Derby for his struggles in the first seven games since the event, but the results are the results. Hopefully he can cut down on the swings outside of the zone and regain the patience that made him the game’s most dominant hitter in the first half.

The Orioles will need it this weekend.