Chris Davis Deleted His Twitter Account

Chris Davis Deleted His Twitter Account


Chris Davis belted his 37th home run of the season, led the Orioles to their fourth win in five days before the All-Star break and then deleted his Twitter account. @ChrisDavis_19 is no more.

Though Davis hasn’t talked about why he decided to take a break from Twitter, I’m guessing it probably didn’t have to do with him getting annoyed by everyone’s tweets after the verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial.

Though I can definitely understand if that was the reason.

Chris Davis deletes his Twitter account

It seems like every time Davis hits a homer, Twitter lights up with PED allegations. Even members of the media, like Nestor Aparicio and Rick Reilly are speculating that he’s a cheater.

For a guy that has been outspoken about being clean, the negativity has likely worn on him during an MVP caliber season. Thanks a lot, idiots.