Chris Davis belted his 37th home run of the season, led the Orioles to their fourth win in five days before the All-Star break and then deleted his Twitter account. @ChrisDavis_19 is no more.

Though Davis hasn’t talked about why he decided to take a break from Twitter, I’m guessing it probably didn’t have to do with him getting annoyed by everyone’s tweets after the verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial.

Though I can definitely understand if that was the reason.

Chris Davis deletes his Twitter account

It seems like every time Davis hits a homer, Twitter lights up with PED allegations. Even members of the media, like Nestor Aparicio and Rick Reilly are speculating that he’s a cheater.

For a guy that has been outspoken about being clean, the negativity has likely worn on him during an MVP caliber season. Thanks a lot, idiots.

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  1. Another bunch of clowns who don’t follow baseball. This power didn’t just come out of no where. Is he having a career year? Yes. But so did Reggie Jackson and some other power hitters.

  2. This stinks. For goodness sake, the guy says if he wasn’t in baseball, he’d want to be a youth pastor, what more do people want! At least he’s got the best fans in baseball behind him, he’s got O’s fans.

  3. I realize the steroid era ruined it for everybody but he has ALWAYS had power and in the minors he hit for power AND had a high average. If he is cheating now then he has always been cheating and I find it hard to believe that he could have gone THIS long without getting caught, especially considering baseball now has the most strict drug testing program of the 4 major sports. Not to mention the fact that he HAS been tested several times this season already…

    Lots of players just have great years. Maris never came close to touching 61 before or after 1961. Davey Johnson averaged 8 home rusn per season…except for when he hit 43, 5 times his average, in 1973.

    I’m so tired of having to be a broken record.

  4. Hum? Late 20s now after struggled in the minors, little time in the Majors hitting 1 home run one year then 5 home runs the next. Sent down to the minors. Gets traded. Suddenly smashing home runs at a record pace nobody has done except Babe Ruth, Roger Maris and a bunch of PED cheats. Baseball fans are supposed to believe he is this anomaly that one day started swinging at good pitches? Use your common sense people!

    • dan, Thanks for trolling on our blog. I know you have had a tough time giving up the yim yam, but try to stay with me here, bronco.

      Davis averaged nearly 20 homers a season in the minors over 6 seasons. When you hit pruberty, you’ll realize that once you become a man you’ll be able to bench press more than the 45 pounds you doing in Mr. Blair’s gym class at Marley Middle School…IF you beat the yim yam.

      You failed to mention that he hit 17 and 21 his first two seasons in the big leagues, but I’m sure you don’t remember that because it was way back in 2008 and 2009 when you were still watching Sponge Bob.

      Keep up the rehab, mate. Many a stronger man have defeated the yim yam. You will too if you set your mind to it!

    • The use of PEDs entails a marked change in physique, and Davis has always had the same body build, which unsurprisingly reflects his tendency to hit for power (notice his consistently high SLG percentages in the minors) throughout his baseball career.

      Having dismissed the change in body allegations which are integral to any PED argument, have you ever considered that the year CD is having could be a result of things outside PED control, like better hand-eye coordination, pitch selectivity (his K rate is down), or the willingness to use the whole field (12 of his 37 HRs went to LF or LCF)? Normally, the more you do something, the better you get at it until you reach peak performance, i.e. the more pitches Chris Davis sees in the majors, the more selective (and effective) he becomes.

      I’m get the whole suspicion around possible PED use, but looking at all of the facts from an objective viewpoint reveals that there is not as much evidence for his “juicing” as one would think.

    • I guess the 38 hrs he hit the first 193 games of his career don’t count ? Some have said he was pressing because of competition like that of a very highly regarded 1st round pick Justin Smoak. Comes to Baltimore, a perennial loser, where there’s little pressure and he’s greatly needed, success. Also learns to hit the high outside strike this year and cuts down on strikeouts, raises walks. Steroids don’t give you a better eye… Guy hit .337 at AAA too. This is no Dunn or Sexson here….

  5. The guy hit 24 hrs in 48 games at Round Rock (AAA) IN 2011 before the trade, that’s sick. The O’s basically bought Davis for an extra million in the Koji-Hunter trade. Texas didn’t want to include him and MacPhail insisted or no trade, so they made the O’s include the $$. MacPhail made some excellent trades, may not like him but he didn’t exactly have an open checkbook. Hell in his first two yrs he had 38 hrs in 193 games, that’s not bad…

  6. Chris Davis is no more a PED user as I am a 6’5 white guy. Only a damn fool, i.e. ARoid, Braun and those other dumb dopers would be using now. Give davis some credit for redeveloping his swing and those dumb ass pitchers who keep trying to sneak the fastball by him. I hope he sets the new unblemished record.

    Barry B.

  7. I deleted my Twitter too due to unfounded rumors.

    R. Clemens

  8. I don’t think Davis is on steroids. Don’t ask me how I know. I can spot a user a mile away.

    B. Anderson
    Cal R. Jr.

  9. Poor guy. He’s already said he was NOT on steroids. Oh my lord. Hes such a friendly and truthful person. I’ve been tweeting to him for a few days and didn’t realize he deleted his twitter.

  10. […] of the more colorful athletes in all of sports, as evidence by his Twitter account (which sadly has been shut down) and this hilarious Buzzfeed […]

  11. You can make fun of people all you want Carl but the truth of the matter is baseball has done this to itself and this year the casualty happens to be Chris Davis. When Jose Bautista had his bust out year, I assumed he was roiding, I never heard his name before. The players look you in the eye, year after year and lie to your face on this issue. I don’t think he is on anything but people have every right to question his numbers. Soon MLB will have Ryan Braun suspended because he lied his ass off about his usage. How many MVP awards would Pujols have had if he didn’t hit his prime when Bonds was roiding his big ass head off. People have every right to question todays atheletes. What I don’t condone is getting on atheletes twitter pages and blasting them like what is happening to Davis.

  12. Agreed Anvil. You never know who is roiding these days but I would bet a week’s worth of prison commissary privileges that Davis is not roiding. Hell Braun never argued about the positive test, he argued about its handling., I hope they bust his ass.

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