Chris Davis stands in Miguel Cabrera's way for Triple Crown

The only thing standing between Miguel Cabrera and another Triple Crown is Orioles slugger Chris Davis who leads the league with 46 home runs. Cabrera, however, continues to inched closer and has cut Davis’ lead in long-balls to three.

How much would it mean to Crush to stop Miggy from winning the Crown in 2013?’s Dave Schoenfield asked him just that.

“As far as me being the obstruction for him doing it again, I hope he does do it again,” Davis said. “That would be awesome. He’s a great hitter. He deserves everything that he gets.

“My goal is not to go out there and keep Miguel Cabrera from winning the Triple Crown. It’s to do everything I can to put us in position to win, whether that means I hit 10 more home runs or two more home runs. I’ve had a productive year so far, but if we don’t make the playoffs, it doesn’t really mean a lot.”

The funny thing about Cabrera’s 2012 totals is that they weren’t his career best. In fact, 2013 is actually blowing them out of the water. This season Cabrera is hitting .029 points higher than he did last year, he’s on pace for 21 more RBI and already has one more homer than his 2012 total.

It turns out that Triple Crown has a lot to do with your competition. Who knew?