Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles first baseman

You and I both know that starting pitching is a concern for the Baltimore Orioles. Now we can add O’s slugger Chris Davis to that list.

In 2013, O’s starters pitched to a 4.57 ERA (4.33 FIP) ranking 27th overall as a staff in that category (29th overall).

Davis was a guest on MLB Network Radio and acknowledged that the O’s need help in the rotation.

“There are places where we need to upgrade as a team. I think last year our starting pitching — we had some guys that were up and down, we had some guys that were consistent for us, but I think that our bullpen was a little taxed in the middle of the season just having to go out there and work so much,” Davis told Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio’s Inside Pitch. “You know, I think that we know we need a little bit of help starting pitching-wise. We have everything we need as far as defense and offense are concerned. I think we led the league in defense,” he added.

They did. (.991 fielding percentage, best in baseball.)

“I think we all know what’s at stake, what we need to accomplish. We feel confident with the guys that we have, but at the same time it wouldn’t hurt to have another starting pitcher.”

I hear Davis’ comments and can’t help but translate them like an ex-girlfriend clinging to a four word text message. I wonder if Davis, a free agent in 2015, is testing the Orioles to see if they respond to this very clear need. He’s now publicly stated that starting pitching is a concern. What happens if the O’s move forward with their current starting staff? Does Davis walk when his contract is up, using that as part of his reasoning?

More than likely, he was just answering a question and didn’t have any hidden agenda behind his words. I just can’t help but wonder if there’s something more there though.

Image Credit: Keith Allison

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