Let’s face it, the 2016 Baltimore Orioles are going to look a lot different compared to what we’re about to watch this season. The Birds have 11 (11!!!!) players that will hit the open market next winter. Here’s the list in case you forgot:

  1. Chris Davis
  2. Matt Wieters
  3. Bud Norris
  4. Alejandro De Aza
  5. Wei-Yin Chen
  6. Tommy Hunter
  7. Darren O’Day
  8. Brian Matusz
  9. Steve Pearce
  10. Ryan Webb
  11. Delmon Young

Atop that list is Chris Davis, who mashed 53 homers in an MVP-caliber 2013, but followed that 6.1 WAR season with a 1.8 WAR year in 2014. Davis spoke with Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun about his impending free agency and what’s going to go into his decision:

[quote_box_center]”Some things are going to have to change as far as contracts are concerned, because we have a lot of young guys that you’re going to have a chance to sign before free agency and, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not going to play for a team that has no shot at competing every year,” Davis said. “The next contract I sign I would like it to be my last one, and I have no desire to play for a loser every year.[/quote_box_center]

Davis is represented by Scott Boras, who typically advises his clients not to sign extensions, but instead wait for larger deals as free agents. However, Davis alluded that he was open to re-signing last season:

[quote_box_center]”I think they had an opportunity to do something last year,” he said. “That was a great position for them, because I was having a terrible year. Even though the power production was still there, obviously because of the (.196) average, the ball was in really in their court, but that’s just not the way we do things.”[/quote_box_center]

I’m surprised to hear Davis talk about a potential extension in the past tense. I would have been shocked to see him re-sign when his value was so low. If he’s going to ignore Boras’ advice, 2015 is likely the to ink that long-term deal.

Maybe I’m being an orange sunglass wearing, Kool-Aid drinking optimist (I totally am), but I’ve always thought that the O’s could re-sign Davis and would lose Wieters to free agency. Baltimore was the place that CD turned things around, it’s the organization that gave him a chance to succeed and I’ve always thought that would be considered in this decision.

Image Credit: Keith Allison