Chris Tillman‘s fourseam fastball has clocked in at an average velocity of 92.20 MPH this season according to the data on Over his five year career, Tillman has averaged just 91.90 MPH.

On Sunday in Baltimore, the Orioles righty touched 96.79 MPH with his 88th pitch, a called third strike to Yunel Escobar to end the fifth inning. Tillman threw Escobar ten pitches, a cutter a 94 MPH, two curveballs at 77 and 78, two sliders at 88, three fastballs 95, a slider at 88 and a fastball at 96 for strike three.

GIF after the bump.

Chris Tillman hits 96 MPH

With a 1-2 count, Escobar checked his swing on Tillman’s fourth pitch of the at-bat. The first base umpire, Dan Iassogna, ruled that he didn’t go around, but replays would reveal the opposite. Buck Showalter voiced his displeasure for the dugout. It took Tillman six more pitches to finally record the out.

Pitch efficiency plagued Tillman all day, just as it has most of the season. He threw 55 pitches the first three innings and 45 in the fifth and six.

Still, Tillman has given the Orioles quality starts in six straight outings.

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  1. But he got outpitched by a 23 year old guy with less experience. Moore would have thrown a shutout if his outfielders didn’t let him down by making a bone headed play.

    • Correct , this is why I keep saying until the O’s get a true number one pitcher they can’t and will not be taken serious,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they may be competitive but not competitive enough to win the world series,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the fans deserve the series as a treat for the terrible fourteen years Peter the Great put us through,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Buck can only do so much , he may never be out-coached but he will often be out-talented,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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