Coach by Coach takes an in-depth look at the Baltimore Ravens coaching options for a replacement for Brian Billick. Each coach is graded based on numerous factors, including history and their fit for the Baltimore job.

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan is son of defensive guru Buddy Ryan and twin brother of Oakland Raiders’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Rex has been with with the Baltimore Ravens for nine seasons, spending six seasons as an Assistant Coach and the last three as a the Ravens Defensive Coordinator.

Ryan led the Ravens to be the fifth ranked defense in the NFL in his first season despite missing veterans Ray Lewis and Ed Reed for the majority of the season. In 2006 Ryan continued his success

Ryan has been overwhelmingly confident in a fit as the Ravens head coach, despite his known failures in the 2006 off season. After the Ravens 13-3 finish, Ryan went looking for head coaching positions and applied for the position in San Diego. Ryan did not land the job, instead Norv Turner took over for the 14-2 Marty Schottenheimer and Rex Ryan started his third year as the Ravens’ defensive coordinator.

“I think Rex would be a very good choice,” said Ravens wide receiver Derek Mason.

Its no secret that the Ravens players are pulling for Ryan to win the head coach position, but Brian Billick was criticized for his lack of discipline and easy training camp.


Despite Rex Ryan’s success as an Assistant Coach and a Defensive Coordinator he is not the right fit for job in Baltimore. If the Raven want to fix what they felt Billick was doing wrong then Ryan is the wrong man.