Wedge, Showalter, Valentine.
Does it really matter?
I had a conversation tonight with some people at a local watering hole.
I asked them to name the starting lineup for next year.
It’s not pretty.
Of course, I’m assuming the completely ignore legit FAs and promote from within.
Or just get Tejada/Atkins type guys.
You’ve got an oft injured 33 year old Roberts who will never be the same IMO. A base stealer who slides head first but has a bad back? Yikes.
Jones. Well, who knows what he’s gonna be like.
Wieters. He’ll be the catcher. That’s about all you can say at this point.
Markakis. Mr. unclutch.
That’s it.
And don’t get me started on the rotation.

Despite the excitement of the World Cup and Game 7 of the NBA Finals, the sinkhole that is the Baltimore Orioles continued to suck the life out of me this week.  Mark summed it up perfectly in regards to the moribund franchise and this season that sees the Orioles playing top that in futility.  Die hard fans are beyond frustrated, while more casual ones have given up.  This season that was to show many signs of hope for the future has done nothing but darken hope for the future.  Have a happy Saturday.