Yamaico NavarroThe Baltimore Orioles remain atop their division despite their second baseman hitting .174 (worst in the American League) on the season. That’s miraculous, really.

Their designated hitters haven’t been much better. O’s DH’s have the worst batting average in the AL at .183. Yowza. So how do the Orioles solve this problem?

Should they sign Mark Reynolds to a one-year, six million dollar deal. No, damn. The Indians already did that.

How about some relief down on the farm?

Fans fell in love with Jonathan Schoop after his performance in the World Baseball Classic, but he’s hitting just .245/.320/.327 at Norfolk and has five errors. Yamaico Navarro might be a better option for the O’s. He’s hitting .317/.405/.426 with 12 RBI in 126 at-bats with the Tides.

Navarro has played just about every position this season, but spent most of his time at second base (11 games) or shortstop (13 games). Unfortunately, his defense ability is also in question as he’s recorded two errors at second and three at shortstop.

Fans can’t take much more of the Ryan Flaherty/Alexi Casilla tandem, but Buck Showalter might make them endure it for a while longer. Defense is incredibly important to the O’s skipper and as long as their scoring enough runs, he’ll keep throwing one of the two out to second.

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  1. From what I vaguely remember of him, he’s not that good of a hitter at the MLB level. If he was a better fielder, I’d say maybe. But why ruin what is arguably the second greatest strength on the team (infield defense)?

  2. Ride it out. On most nights, scoring isn’t this team’s weakness. The better the defesne, the better chance these starters have in winning a ballgame or getting the game deeper for this historically good bullpen.

  3. Utley

  4. I think the BEST option is to couple some of the arms who need a change of scenery- Jake A. at the top of the list and get Utley. Let’s face it Jake is a head case and has proven AAAA is about his strength.

  5. No way anyone could have predicted Reynolds’ rebirth in Cleveland and it probably won’t last. Navarro can’t be the future at 2nd base. Players like Utley, Brendan Ryan (SS), Altuve (though it’ll cost a lot), or someone like Nick Franklin (Sea. AAA) as a prospect are your best bets. Ryan won’t be an upgrade offensively but he can stick it in the field and would probably be the cheapest. The do need to update the quality there, and fast.

  6. Second base will not be the O’s biggest problem if they make the playoffs,,,,,,,,,it will be the lack of a true number one pitcher the other team must face several times in a short series,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. […] folks over at Baltimore Sports Report wondered aloud if Yamaico Navarro could be the answer at 2nd base.  Blerg.  Just that sentence […]

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