Red Sox vs. Orioles - Red Sox pink hatI hate going to Red Sox-Orioles games. Honestly.

Last night, my wife had to tell me my road rage has gotten a bit out of hand. She’s right. But it’s no where near how angry I get when I go to Camden Yards and it’s full of people from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania who all claim to be life-long Boston fans. It makes my stomach turn.

Kind of like this Craigslist ad.

Apparently these two guys are looking for a “cute and fun” girl to sit with them in the front row for tonight’s matchup. She could be an Orioles or a Red Sox fan. They probably root for both teams anyway.

We have four front tickets for the Orioles vs Redsox game Thursday night. Its me and my two buddies and our fourth bailed at the last minute. So we are willing to give away our fourth ticket to any female whos cute and fun and just down to enjoy the game with us. 2 of us will be rooting for the red sox and 1 for the orioles. Send a few pics, tell us a little about yourself and your telephone number if you are interested. Ideally we’d prefer it if we got a true Red Sox or Orioles fan to make the game more exciting.

If you are “cute and fun” or know someone who is, feel free to send these crappy a-holes a couple pictures.