Every day seems to be worse for the Washington Capitals.  The window that is their playoff hopes seems to be slowly closing and now their captain joins the list of injured players throughout this 2011-2012 train wreck of a season.

After Washington’s 5-2 loss in Ottawa on Wednesday, things got a little worse.  Typically playoff teams enter April with their goaltender on a hot streak, but in Washington the opposite appears to be happening.

On their five game road trip the Capitals were outscored 13-5 and coach Dale Hunter has had enough. “Goaltending is a big part of the game and we need good goaltending,” Hunter said according to WaPo’s Katie Carrera.

“He [Vokoun] wasn’t as sharp as he should have been, and it’s in the back of our net.”

Hunter has always been a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of guy, but I wonder how this direct criticism will go over in the Capitals locker room.

“We need our goaltending better and Tomas wasn’t sharp tonight.”