Mark Turgeon and the University of Maryland are expected to release the news on whether Kansas State’s assistant coach Dalonte Hill will join the Terps coaching staff.  According to numerous sources, Hill met with Maryland officials over the weekend for his final assistant coach interview.

If you don’t know a whole lot about what Hill would bring to the table, here’s a great snippet of Josh Barr’s article in the Washington Post about his Hill speculation.

Adding Hill – who has ties to the Washington area’s top two travel teams and knows the region well – would signify Turgeon’s plan to be aggressive when it comes to recruiting locally. One source said that if Hill goes to Maryland, “There are going to be some mean recruiting wars” between local schools.

Jeff Goodman of CBS says that Hill could take a pay cut as he is one of the nation’s highest paid assistants at $423,750. We’ll keep you posted on any announcements out at College Park.