Dan Duquette2012 was Billy Beane’s year.

Brad Pitt played him in what turned out to be a pretty popular flick in the box office, then his Oakland Athletics rallied back to win the AL West over the Texas Rangers. Wednesday night, Beane was named Sporting News’ 2012 MLB Executive of the Year, an honor voted on by 57 of his peers around the game.

No one disputes Beane winning the honor after the A’s amazing season, but I was a little baffled to find out the Orioles Executive VP Dan Duquette didn’t receive a single vote. Beane took the honor with 31, Nationals GM Mike Rizzo had 13, Jon Daniels in Texas had 3, Reds’ GM Walt Jocketty had 3, John Mozeliak in St. Louis had two, Giants GM Brian Sabian and Ken Williams of the White Sox each had one vote.

Not a single vote for Dan Duquette, the guy who traded Jeremy Guthrie for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom, signed Wei-Yin Chen from Taiwan, bring in postseason hero Nate McLouth and 28 year old rookie stud Miguel Gonzalez.

I didn’t expect Duq to take the honor over Beane, but thought he would definitely finish in the top three.

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  1. Wasn’t the knock on DD that he was a bit abrasive and tough to get along with? Im sure there are still a lot of guys who resent him. He’s certainly deserving of consideration.

  2. Dicks still get votes, why he didn’t is completely confusing. Just about every move this man made worked out for the O’s. It’s about as odd as how the Orioles had the worst defense in the beginning of the year only to come away with the most gold gloves of any team by the end of the year.

  3. Look, DD got lucky with his trades and pickups… Be serious folks… I know some of you are going to knock me for saying this but the guy got bottom of the barrel guys that got lucky.

    DD had to do what every other past Oriole GM had to do, get players on the cheap. He lucked out on the Guthrie trade only because Angelos wasn’t paying a large amount of money to Guthrie and to be quite honest, I agree on that. Guthrie wasn’t worth what he wanted.

    Now this year will tell everything… Get a couple of minor stars to round out the rotation and lineup which will get them over the hump. If it’s more of the bottom feeder players then Angelos ain’t serious about this team. If they are serious, DD needs to make a play for Youkilis. Put him at 1st, he’s a good clubhouse guy, has playoff experience, still relatively young at 33 and brings veteran leadership, plus he’s not a slouch in the field…

    Now, I will say that Buck Showalter should be “Manager of the Year”, hands down, because of the great job he did blending these nobodies with the regulars… The job Buck did was phenominal… Putting Machado at 3rd was a Weaver-esque move…

  4. Lucky, how many other teams get lucky? There is an amount of luck in every decision. Iff DD got lucky with his picks then Buck was just as lucky with the players. Your argument is moot.

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