Dan Duquette on Wei-Yin Chen
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The Orioles made the first big trade of the season when they acquired Scott Feldman from the Cubs for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop back on July 2. It may end up being their only move.

Wei-Yin Chen returned from the disabled list and threw seven beautiful innings in his first start since May 12, hopefully solidifying a shaky O’s starting rotation. Orioles GM Dan Duquette talked about his approach at the deadline with MASNSports.com’s Steve Melewski.

“We are always looking (for starters), but I’d like to see how our team does with Chen and Feldman pitching regularly. We should be able to evaluate that between now and the end of July.

“We’ve had discussions with a number of teams. We are just trying to see who we match up with. Teams like some of our players. We seem to have a little bit more depth to our organization this year.”

Duquette said he wouldn’t rule out of making more moves the rest of the way, but it certainly sounds like he’s confident with the starting staff since Chen’s return with Feldman in the mix.

Orioles starters have pitched to 4.76 ERA this season, that’s 26th in the Majors. Their staff has pitched just 529.2 innings in the first 93 games of the season, that’s about 5.2 innings per game.

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  1. I think it’s a pretty solid rotation now. If Hammel can get himself under control it will be pretty damn good. Would I still like an ace, yeah, but there are none on the market that I would be willing to give up what we’d have to give up to get. If we can, in the off season I’d like to see them sign a FA one, but they’ll probably get overpaid anyway so it’s going to come down to Bundy and Gausman. If they can turn into that 1 – 2 punch they’re supposed to, a rotation of Bundy, Gausman, Chen, Gonzo, and Tillman is pretty nasty.

  2. Last year, at this time, team defense was the achilles heel, this year is the starting pitching. Given the offense this team can generate, the pitching just needs to get to the middle of the pack. I believe they will.

  3. MGW . don’t the O’s know Matt Garza is on the trading block? ,,,,,, Would he qualify as an Ace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you want names , the O’s passed on several good one the past three years , but ,,let’s look at whats available after this season…….here are some names for you to look at , it may be toom early to tell if they would be good acquisitions but do you really think the O’s will seriously look at any of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Matt Garza
    Tim Lincecum
    Scott Kazmir
    James Shields
    Jason Vargas( just has blood clot removed , healthy now)
    Roberto Hernandex (pen)

    Go you honestly believe the O’s will go after their most crying need this off season , I honestly do know all the players that will be available this off season , but I do know these guys will be available and they could be traded for right now , if Angelos really wanted to up grade the staff , but it appears once again they are happy just where they are now,,,,,,I’m not……………………

    • spy , you’re a standup guy admitting you do not know all the pitchers that will become available soon , I don’t either but I bet MGW can find something wrong with the short list you made and any other Ace pitcher that might come up.
      MGW is good at putting ‘ace’s’ down because he knows Angelos won’t pay for one anyway .
      The O’s could get Matt Garza right now , who is pitching to an are of 3.17 this year and has a lifetime era of 3.80 , now that is not too shabby . But I bet MGW will come up with a reason the O’s should not go get him , it can’t be age , he is only 29 and it can’t be era , he hasn’t gotten much run support in the pros so his record is mediocre but you can’t ingore his era .

      I believe he could help this team win a world series , they should gop get him while he is on the trading block before someone else in front of us gets him…

      • Face Mystery man, Spy is a pillow biter, as we refer to them in prison. he screams so loud that you make him bite down on a pillow during mating time so he won’t wake the other inmates. He has not been the same since he put his pal O’Malley in office and he married Chowman. Those two weeks in San Fransisco is wearing on him. His new sandbox is Chow’s crotch. That little red corvette’s seat does recline and will hold two.

        As my man The Intimidator would say, ” Get two handies for one with Spy. Buy one and get one free from Mystery Man. Just don’t shake anyone’s hands.”

        • And to think , I once thought you were capable of thought,,,,,,boy was I wrong………………..

    • spy, thanks for finally coming up with a list.

      Now as you and your alter egos have alluded to, I will give an opinion on each one of these.

      First of all, not sure who you and your personalities think the Os have in this DEEP minor league system to get these guys, but Shields was just dealt for the Royals #2 overall pick Wil Myers just a few short months ago. I would highly doubt that he is moved unless KC is overwhelmed. In that the Os minor league system is not among the most stocked in the majors, I doubt that they could land Shields.

      Lincecum – Career National Leaguer. Up until his performance yesterday, he has seriously underwhelmed the last 3 seasons. His record in 2011? 13-14. Record in 2012? 10-15. This year? 5-9. That’s a combined 28-38 the last 3 years. With his decreased high 80’s velocity? An Ace? Maybe back in 2008.

      Scott Kazmir. Career 4.21 ERA. Record the last 5 years? 24-28. ACE? LMAO!!!

      Vargas? You;re really reaching now. 4.28 ERA. Career record? 48-54. Not even wasting anymore key strokes on this “ACE”

      Roberto Hernandez. My goodness, he must be a relative of yours and mystery man and jim’s. 4.66 ERA Career 58-79. ERA in the AL with the second place Rays (why would they trade him to a rival in their own Division?!?) 4.90!!!

      Matt Garza is the ONLY ACE you mentioned. The only one.

      If the Orioles had traded for any of these guys, aside from Garza, you’d be all over them.

      I appreciate you finally responding and helping me to solidify my argument.


      • LIke I said , I’m not sure of all the potential Ace’s that will become available this off-season,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I do know Matt Garza is a true Ace and is on the trading block as we write,,,,,but you and I both know the O’s will not try to get him because he is too expensive in money or trade bait,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have bought into the O’s theory of not paying a front line pitcher top dollar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I do believe you are related to Peter the Great because it doesn’t matter who is available he is either not good enough or cost too much,,,,,,,,,do you expect someone to just give us an Ace? You have to want one and go out and get one and the O’s simply do not try,,,,,,,,,,,,,If Jim Palmer or Sandy Koufax or Don Drysdale were avaiable (in their youth) you would come up with a reason why the O’s would not go after them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just go back to your cool-aid , put your orange glasses on and relax by the Angelos swimming pool, because you just don’t get it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree, but that’s what makes a blog like this go around.

          I believe the Orioles have made some MAJOR mistakes over the years in neglecting their minor league system and their scouting departments.

          I also believe that hiring clowns like Syd Thrift and Lee Mazzilli were also major blunders.

          I believe that signing big money players like Alomar, Palmeiro (twice!), Bordick, Javy Lopez, Bobby Bonilla – were ALL mistakes.

          Even the team’s stars right now mostly have come through trades – Jones, Tillman, Hardy, Davis. Their player development has to get better, and maybe it is with Machado coming on, Wieters performing fairly well, etc.

          No, no, I believe the team has made major blunders, but I also see them turining things around now.

          I contend that throwing big money at “ace” pitchers is usually a fool hardy move – look at the history, this is NOT just my opinion, look it up.

          So, is all perfect in Birdland? Not yet, but I think it’s in the right direction. Money needs to be invested but not in an area that historically – NOT MGW’s opinion, but HISTORICALLY – does not pay off.

          Scouting and player development, not overpriced average pitchers.

          • I believe we agree more than we disagree,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I want to win a world series so bad I’m willing to spend the Angelos money on a front line pitcher and you are not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m not sure why but I don’t have to as this is your opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Go O’s and Ravens………………..

    • Hey fake Spy, I hope the real Spy finds you and kicks your ass. Lincecum makes $18 million a year, pitches good when weeded out WTF is wrong with you? Garza, who is left to trade, you dumb ass. Kazmir and Vargas have been more on the DL than off. KC traded all of its assets for Shields, only a buffoon would trade him now. Hernandez, 4-7? Are you hanging with Sergio Kindle? As I said, I hope you meet Spy, Mystery man and Jim from Dundalk in a dark alley near sue Creek so they can whip some sense into you. But as the Intimidator would say, “Make sure you get a handy first.”

      Oh yeah, I think that guy Jake Arietta is available…

  4. MM – I am a big fan of spy’s, most days. I also appreciate that he doesn’t know all the available players, but he’s constantly saying the “Os need an Ace”.

    I have constantly said that I agree, but they’re aren’t many out there and when they are, the Os just don’t have the chips to get them.

    That’s all.

    • Just like spy and I aluded to ,,,,you have an excuse for every pitcher anyone would name , if he isn’t that good or not your definition of an Ace you come up with something on the O’s behalf why they can’t get one,,like Garza , isn’t he available right now ? If they really wanted one they would grab him right now via trade , my goodness don’t you realize you are just making excuses for Angelos…

      • Hell, Kershaw has not signed and I hear Matt Harvey and Verlander are unhappy. All this time you have had me fooled Mystery man. You have spent too much time tanning in Turners Station.

        You know the old saying, it’s better to be thought a fool than to go onto the BSR and be proven a fool? Fool, that Dundalk air is killing you, man. I suggest you move uptown to let’s say, Sue Creek where the air is not as thin, get a bushel of crabs and grab a Natty Boh….

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