Ravens Fall To Eagles 24-23The Phillies have won a game more recently than the Eagles. That’s a crazy, sad stat for the Philly faithful.

Last night, the Eagles kept their streak alive, falling to the always tough Carolina Panthers 30-22. The 3-8 Eagles last win was on September 30 against the New York Giants, before that, they defeated the Baltimore Ravens 24-23 two weeks prior.

“Still can’t believe we let Philly beat us,” Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe tweeted while watching the Eagles piss another game away. No one can believe it.

“Even though we got cheated!”

Of course, Ellerbe is referring to an offensive pass interference call on Jacoby Jones which would have given the Ravens a two score lead and a Michael Vick fumble that was overturned and led to Eagles’ game-winning score.

“We should be 10-1!”

Probably not, but 9-2 is still super duper good. Good enough to win the AFC North this week.