Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.   Easy there DJ.

Washington Nationals skipper Davey Johnson is tired of people asking him about Stephen Strasburg’s delivery.  He’s frustrated with the questions about elbow injuries related to Strasburg’s delivery.  “It’s all crock,” Johnson said when asked by the Washington Post about changing Strasburg’s approach.

Johnson argues that Strasburg is effective without throwing 100 miles per hour because his command is the most important part of his game.  He thinks that “overthrowing” could be the only thing to hinder Strasburg’s game.

“Jim Palmer had the worst delivery of any human being alive,” Johnson said.  “But he didn’t overthrow.”

Does DJ think Strasburg will be the next Palmer?  A six time All-Star, three time World Series champion, three time Cy Young Award winning Hall of Famer?

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  1. And that is why Davey Johnson was not a pitching coach.

  2. Johnson is a whiny goof. Palmer’s high sweeping motion was a thing of beauty.

  3. I think the context of what Johnson said isn’t being missed.

    Many successful players have weird wind ups but it’s what works for their body and specifically their arm.

    I didn’t hear what he said but I took it as him saying that you don’t need to have a picture perfect technical wind up to be a great pitcher.

    • WTF… I a gree with Mark. Take a guy like the Intimidator, really, really awkward but damn look at his work, a thing of beauty. Keep up the good work Mark. BTW, any extra Opening day tickets for one of AA County’s finest? :)

  4. “is being missed”

  5. WTH! Hasn’t Davey seen Luis Tiant’s delivery?

  6. I don;t think that mechanics of Palmer’s delivery look that bad. But it does seem awfully easy to pick up the ball … but who can argue with Palmer’s stats. He was great pitcher.

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