Despite his bitter divorce with Peter Angelos and the fact that he manages the NL team down I-95, Davey Johnson still loves the Orioles. In his postgame press conference on Tuesday night, Johnson asked reporters if the Orioles had won their game in Toronto and tied the Yankees for first place in the AL East.

They had and former Bird was happy to hear the news.

“I grew up in this area,” Johnson told the reporters according to Amanda Comak of The Washington Times. “I grew up an Orioles fan. To see them playing like I always think the Orioles should play, it’s great.”

Boy howdy, DJ.

“Any time I get a chance [I watch them],” he said.

Johnson even told the D.C. reporters about his relationship with Earl Weaver, who lovingly referred to him as “dumb-dumb” and compared current O’s skipper Buck Showalter to the Hall of Famer. “Maybe when he argues,” Johnson said. “But he’s not down the runway smoking.”

Buck is usually standing in the dugout looking emotionless with his arms crossed. Up ten runs or down ten. That’s why Baltimore loves him.

“I’ll be really interested starting [Thursday] to see them go head to head with the Yankees,” Johnson added. “I may have to TiVo it.”

Davey Johnson owns a TiVo?

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  1. Davey Johnson is a good man and got a bit of the shaft from Peter the Great , also , Thanks to MGW for the kind words three pages ago……………………

  2. Davey Johnson got a big kick in the ass from Angelos. How in the hell can you fire the MGR of the Year? That was the beginning of this bad streak we have been on.

    What do I have to do to get some man-love from MGW?

    Open invitation for lunch, MGW and Spy. You two interested? My treat…new casino at Arundel Mills!

    When TCR69 sees nice comments about MGW, he is gonna have a freaking fit.

    • Thanks for the invite nails , but I’m a little old for you guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as TCR69 , sometimes the truth hurts………..

      • spy, we’re older than you may think. While it seems the guys that run this website are young, Nails and I have worked together for nearly 27 years so that should give you an idea as to our age.

        Nails and I spent some time together in Naples, IT a few years back, too. He knows I’ve got the “man love” for him…

  3. Tivo still exists?

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