Dennis Dixon declines Steelers offer to returnHere’s a head scratcher.

Former Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon was asked by Pittsburgh if he would return in a back-up role, rather than remain on the Ravens practice squad. Surprisingly, Dixon declined.

He would have made $5,700 more a week on the Steelers’ active roster than he’s making as a member of the Ravens’ practice squad. But he elected for less money

Reaching out to Dixon makes sense, he’s been with Baltimore and could provide some insight on the team before the Steelers and Ravens face off again in week 13.

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  1. This actually makes sense. He could sign on with the Steelers, but then when Roethlisberger and Leftwich return he would likely be cut and out of a job late in the season (very tough to find a new team at that point). He has more financial stability being on the practice squad for the year and try to get a backup job in the offseason.

  2. So we have at least two impact players on the Practice Squad…Denny Dixon and Crackhead Kindle.

    The future looks bright!

  3. Why MGW do you have to always be negative about Kindle? He has been training and learning extensively and from my understanding he has now learned 4 pages of the Ravens playbook. That is a big upgrade over last year when he didn’t know any of the Ravens playbook after 2 years in the league. I even heard he bought a new one level Rancher without a basement. He even invested in bed rails just incase.

    • You’re right 2488, I should leave him alone. I heard he wears his helmet 24/7 just in case. Makes sleeping a real challenge…

  4. That’s why those bed rails will come in handy. The straps on those helmets can get in the way when sleeping, just ask Corky. I heard they had to take away the straws from his juice boxes because he might gag himself.

    On another note and this is a real question. Why the hell are the Ravens still invested in this guy? Does he have photos of Harbaugh and Cam? Obviously the fall down not one but two flight of stairs as knocked something loose.

    Another question for you MGW. Most of us have slipped down the stairs once in our life, when you slipped and stopped on the landing did you realize that you didn’t go all the way and decided to get up and promptly trip yourself down the next set of stairs?

    It’s like me, I took a bath once and threw a toaster in the tub with me, nothing happened so I plugged the toaster in and threw it in the tub again, I now can’t go near power lines or open electrical outlets. But my softball team, the “Whammers” on which I played and wore jersey #69 with my nickname of “Hammer” on the back cut me because I could no longer hit “Frozen Ropes” and all I hit were “Can of Corns”.

  5. Just more of Ozzie’s magic,,,,,,i’m still waiting for someone to tell me why ozzie always gets a free pass,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

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