Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens tight end

Could you imagine a Ravens offense with a tight end that actually catch the ball? That’s the world I dream of living in.
…One day… One day…

Matt Zenitz of the Carroll Country Times reports this interesting tidbit of news. Apparently tight end Dennis Pitta (who can catch footballs) is making “significant progress in his recovery from the dislocation and fractured hip” he suffered this summer.

Pitta caught passes from the JUGS machine before practice Friday and Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said Pitta has advanced to the point that he’s running a good amount on machines inside the Ravens’ weight room.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Harbaugh said. “I’m pretty impressed. … Every time I see Dennis I guess I get mixed emotions. I’m happy that he’s doing so well and I’m not happy that he’s not already out there playing right now. He’s doing a good job.”

Zenitz goes on to point out that the Ravens are still “weeks away” from making a decision on Pitta’s fate this season.

Last year we saw some miracle recovery times in Baltimore. First, Terrell Suggs quickly bounced (like a basketball) back from a torn achilles he suffered in May and made his season debut in October. Then, Ray Lewis recovered from an in-season torn triceps injury he suffered in October and returned for the postseason in January.

Deer antler spray or not, that was impressive.

Hopefully Pitta will have the same fate. I know every Ravens fan has their fingers crossed.