Joe Flacco’s ability to read defenses has been a hot button issue around the interwebs, but despite the criticism Flacco claims he saw Texans safety Bernard Pollard line up on the play in which he came through the line unblocked.

According to an article by Ryan Mink on, Flacco thought he could beat the blitzing safety.

Flacco saw Pollard coming, but felt he could exploit the pressure by quickly hitting a receiver in one-on-one coverage.

“He said where he was going with the ball got hung up and he held it just a count [too long] and got hit,” Cameron said. “And you’ve got to appreciate that; he knew exactly what the potential was that happened.”

Flacco went on the say that he has the utmost confidence in his offensive line, who have also been under scrutiny this week after allowing their quarterback to be sacked five times.