Whatever you think of Dick Vitale in the broadcast booth, the guy is a die-hard sports fan and one of the few that frequents Rays games at Tropicana Field. Well, he and Matt Sadler.

I’ve never heard anyone in the business utter anything negative about the guy. That doesn’t mean, however, that he isn’t subject to the “propose bad MLB trades” game on Twitter.

Dick Vitale - Dickie V proposes trade between Orioles and DodgersOn Wednesday night, Dickie V threw it all out there for Dodgers owner Magic Johnson and asked if the Orioles called and were willing to trade Manny Machado for Yasiel Puig if he’d be willing to accept.

Puig for Machado? You serious?

No chance Dan Duquette is calling Ned Colletti to make that one happen. Machado isn’t going anywhere. Puig isn’t either.

As the trade deadline looms, Vitale’s bad trade proposal will become just one of very, very many. Soak it all in as the Twitter GMs help improve their favorite teams. I’m already enjoying the “Jake Arrieta and a prospect” for Cliff Lee talk. It’s great for a good laugh.