Last night, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz blasted a 442 foot home run against the Orioles.  Ortiz’s homer became the 62nd to reach Eutaw Street and his second.

You be the judge.

Today Orioles media members jokingly tweeted that they saw Ortiz finish rounding the bases after the Red Sox took batting practice for game two of the three game series.

According to Baseball Prospectus’ Tater Trot Tracker, Ortiz’s recorded the slowest trot of the 26 homers hit on Monday at 27.35 seconds.

So I’ll ask the question I asked last week about Nick Markakis; did David Ortiz over-admire his home run and will the Orioles retaliate tonight?

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  1. Ever seen Old Papi when he strikes out? It’s an even longer saunter back to the dugout.

    The “Dicky Eklund” Ortiz apologists will tell us how great a guy the HgH using, lying about his age, cocky piece of crap Grand Papi is.

    Gregg should have decked him last season.

  2. I agree Papi is an HGHer but for some reason his issue was swept under the carpet not long after it came out. See his numbers in Minnesota, then in Boston, mmmmmm.

  3. You don’t want him to admire his shot, then don’t give it up. I hate pitchers complaining about this and wanting to hit the batter next time up or next batter up. Its soo stupid. Don’t give up a bomb and you don’ have to worry about that.

  4. Look, when you are that fat, you run slow. Just ask Spy.

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