That seems to be the big question today, at least for the South Florida media. When I asked The Dude at FinsNation if there was any validity to the story, he replied

I do, in that he isn’t the type of guy to lose his shit the way he did after the alleged incident.

But, I really don’t care.

We just got our sh*t handed to us, and all the media down here wants to talk about is how our mediocre perpetually-underachieving linebacker threw a hissy fit over maybe being spit on.

The media is all ZOMG! But us fans are more like, that fight Crowder started is the only time he’s made any kind of noise on the field.

Now we are hearing that there may be video evidence to support the claim.

Do you believe this to be true? Do you care if it is true? What should happen if it is true?