On Tuesday night Alfredo Simon left the game with elbow stiffness and was flown back to Baltimore to be examined. This morning it was reported that Simon is out and now Baltimore is wondering if Brad Bergesen will get the nod?


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

With Alfredo Simon out you have to wonder what Trembley will do about the third spot in the rotation.

In the broadcast last night, Gary Thorne mentioned that Jim Johnson might have a chance to start. However, that contradicts Trembley’s statement in spring training that Johnson is his 8th inning set up man. So I think Johnson is out.

What about Matt Albers? Our very own Lawrence Barreca reported yesterday that Albers is back up with the club after Melvin Mora went on the DL. But, the O’s bullpen is still in need of arms so I think he is out too.

In Spring Training Danys Baez asked to be considered a starter. Though he was given a chance the Orioles decided he would be best in the bullpen. In 3 games Baez has struck out 6 batters in 5.2 innings and posted a 3.18 ERA. But, I believe Trembley doesn’t want to stretch him because he is just coming back after an injury.

So in my mind that leaves one option, call up Brad Bergesen. Of the prospects Bergesen is the most ready for the big leagues and he just missed making the team in the spring. He has a 1.80 ERA at Norfolk in 5 innings of work only allowing only 4 hits.

It’s got to be BB, right?