After getting pummeled by the Patriots on Monday Night Football, the Jets choked this week in a 10-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins in front of their home crowd. The loss dropped New York to 9-4 and as Matt Vensel points out, helps the Ravens chances at scoring a five seed instead of a six in the playoffs.

However thinks [I think he meant “things”] shake down, I think the Ravens would prefer a trip to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs, who got trucked by the Chargers on Sunday, than playing the winner of the AFC South in the wild card round. The Jaguars, who have won five of six, are in the driver’s seat in that division, but the Colts can take it if they win out. We all know the Ravens’ track record against the Colts.

I have to agree. The Colts are giving it everything they’ve got to win the south and even with their inconsistency, I would much rather have the Ravens travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs than to potentially face Peyton Manning in Indianapolis.

Either way, New England appears to have stepped up the team to beat, with a 45-3 win over the Jets last week and a 36-7 win in the snow against the Bears yesterday.