If the Orioles add another position player before the deadline, Twitter might explode. If I read another stupid “why did the O’s trade for Jim Thome, he’s not a pitcher” tweet, I’m going to blow a gasket. It’s the dumbest thing someone could say about a no-lose situation.

Unfortunately for me, my fears of more idiotic responses could come true.

Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reports that the Orioles are among five teams believed to be interested in acquiring Padres third baseman Chase Headley. The Dodgers, Pirates, Indians and Diamondbacks are the other four.

Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors reports that Headley will earn $3.48 million this year and will remain under team control through 2014. Can you say “third baseman of the future”?

The Padres have scored fewer runs than any other MLB team this year, but top prospect Jedd Gyorko is hitting .315/.379/.532 in the upper minors and could be called upon if the Padres complete a deal involving Headley.

With the disappointing numbers that Mark Reynolds has put up this season, the O’s could certainly use a guy who can bring some consistency to third base. We’re all still waiting for that arm though.


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  1. Obviously the Orioles need to be looking for starting pitching. But that doesn’t mean they should ignore their other holes. At the right price Headley would be an excellent pick-up.

  2. Yes he would.

    Where are you from Doug?

  3. Zach, your a great writer and your articles are fantastic. Very insightful… Now for that $50 you owe me for saying that :)

    Your writing is so good that I’m goina use part of your line…

    If I read another stupid “The Orioles are looking to trade for (Insert any star player name here like Garza, Lee, Gonzalez, etc)” article from the Baltimore Sun, I’m going to blow a gasket.

  4. The Orioles are not trading or signing any player of value… They will always look for that player:

    1. that is injured
    w. that is cheap
    H. that was out of baseball for a year or more
    8. that is old (Moyer, Tejada, Thome)
    2. that smells of beer & chicken (See RedSox)
    g. that could be “lightning in a bottle” (In honor of Ol’Bruz)

    Look at the track record and all you will see is what I mentioned above…

    Hell, Headley would look good in an Orioles uniform and even I would say it’s a great move by the Orioles but it ain’t happening. The Orioles have a better shot of getting Sara Headley.

    And you know what? Its a pity to. The Orioles are playing decent and this could have been a good time to get alot of the fans back by making a couple of great strategic trades for the stretch run…

    The great “Polezini”, he being able to see the future, told me yesterday that look for the Orioles to get Pudge Rodriquez very shortly…

    • I agree with your comments 100%,,,,,,,,,,the rummer I heard was they were talking to Doug DeCinces…………

  5. Spy,

    Did you hear a rummer while giving a hummer?

    Damn Dundalk education.

    • Ravens 2488 wishes he was from Dundalk,,,,he took the entrance exam for Dundalk Community College but when he found out he wouldn’t get ten points just for signing his name , he got upset and threw his crayons,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Ugh… another half-a$$ acquisition-to-be. He has 88 strikeouts so far this season. Better glove. Hitting .267 so far. Barely hits double-digit homers in a season. Walks are on pace to break his own record.

    On the other hand, Reynolds … hits, strikeouts, walks, homers are on pace for his all time low. Probably due to lower games played. Errors are lower than in previous years – imagine that. Hitting .207 – pathetic.

    Is there another option cause this is getting depressing. I’d almost say just bring up Machado as it would be cheaper and just as risky. The money and talent saved could then be used for a front-line starter. Monday morning blues.

  7. Spy, it wasn’t me but a Ravens2488 Wannabe who wrote that…

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