The undefeated Ravens have quite a task in front of them when they go into New England to face Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots.

You shouldn’t be.

Despite being 2-1 and losing to the Jets in week two, I will say the Patriots are no push over. Tom Brady hasn’t quite been the pre-ACL/MCL-surgery-three-time-Super-Bowl-Champion-Tom Brady we’re all used to seeing, but he’s improving every week and I think he’ll be back to himself in a few weeks. But, not before this game though.

My issue with the Pats is the arrogant Maryland-native, genius Bill Belichick. From the short sleeve hoodies to the douchebaggery in his press conferences, I can’t stand Belichick.

He was recently crowned head coach of New England’s All Patriots team. I sure hope Tom Brady is QBing that team, because with out Brady the genius is no more.

I’m not afraid of Belichick and you shouldn’t be either. Without Tom Brady this guy is nothing. He couldn’t get Matt Cassel to lead them to the playoffs last year and if the real Tom Brady keeps hiding out the Pats aren’t going anywhere in 2009.

In his five years with the Browns, Belichick was irrelevant. He finished with more than seven wins one time and that was the only year he took the team to the playoffs. Pre-Brady in New England he went 9-7 and last year when Brady went down he was watching January football from home.

So if going on the road to face New England scares you, just know that without a real Tom Brady this team is easily beatable.