In his sophomore year at Maryland, Williams took on a much larger role with the team becoming the primary option as he averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds. During the offseason from his freshman to sophomore year, he lost 25 pounds to get in better shape for the upcoming year and it showed on the court. There are a lot of things to like about Jordan Williams with his post game and rebounding ability but there are also some concerns draft experts have about his game like his lack of athletic ability and his size to play center. As the NBA Draft goes down tonight (ESPN, 7 PM), where can Williams legitimately expect to go?

6’9 247 lbs
8’11 reach (height with hands straight up)
7′ wingspan

– Strong, physical post presence
– Muscles his way to the basket
– Has a soft touch around the basket
– Excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor

– Not a great athlete
– Lacks quickness and explosiveness
– Has struggled with conditioning issues in the past
– A bit undersized for the 5, though he does have long arms
– Lacks a refined perimeter game
– Needs to improve his passing ability

At the NBA level, players can stick in the league if they are lethal at one skill (Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr) so with Williams, he has an inate ability to rebound the ball and hustle for it. He needs to improve in other areas but continue developing his rebounding. It seems many people feel Williams will be a second round pick because of the weaknesses outlined. I think Williams can be a solid pro along the lines of another second round pick from a few years ago, DeJuan Blair. I think it is really important for him to land in a spot with low expectations, plenty of patience, and a solid coaching to help him grow.

So what do you think of Jordan Williams’ pro prospects?

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  1. interesting that in Chad Ford’s latest mock done this morning, he has Jordan Williams go to the Wizards.

  2. This goof cost himself millions of dollars coming out early. Five years from now we’ll all struggle to remember his name.

  3. I’m so drunk right now I’m forgetting my name…

    In fact, I was just out getting some chicken with the Colonel, Colonel Sanders, and when we sat down at KFC the Colonel said, “I’m to drunk to eat this rubbery chicken”… The Colonel then proceeded to ask Jim Ignatauski if he would tell us how he got the DeLorean to go back to the future.

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    I then crawled across the floor and fell asleep near the trash cans.

  4. @ Lunatic , up your nose with a rubber hose,,,,,Carl is correct about Jordan one more year in college would have helped him plenty , plus Gary Williams would have stuck around for another year , good or bad , I’m not sure though……….

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