Here’s a fun little tidbit from Drew BreesWikipedia page from 2011:

In week 2, Brees defeated the Chicago Bears during the Saints' home-opener for the first time in his career as a starting quarterback. With his first win over the Bears, Brees has defeated all NFL teams except the Baltimore Ravens.

According to Brees’ splits on Pro-Football-Reference.com, that fact is indeed accurate. (See kids, you can always trust Wikipedia). He’s 0-3 against the Ravens with six touchdowns and seven interceptions.

The two teams haven’t faced each other since 2010, when the Ravens won 30-24 in Baltimore. In 2006, the Ravens defeated the Saints 35-22 in New Orleans. Brees was actually playing with the Chargers in 2003 when Baltimore defeated San Diego 24-10 on the west coast.

On Monday night, Brees will look to defeat the Ravens once and for all, the only team he’s yet to win against.

H/T: suddenimpact1513 for sharing this on the Ravens subreddit