According to multiple reports including this one by MLB Trade Rumors, The Orioles will now pursue Prince Fielder.  This disputes numerous other reports that said the Orioles were content with Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis playing first and third.  So what changed over the past few weeks?  The answer is a “secret mandate” from Orioles owner Peter Angelos.  Mr. Angelos wants Fielder, so the Orioles will now pursue him.  Duquette says that Orioles fans shouldn’t get their hopes up, but you really never know.  Angelos has the money to afford Fielder, so if he really wants him, Baltimore can be a serious suitor.

So maybe this can put to rest some of the negativity that Orioles fans have towards their owner.  Let’s not forget that Angelos already tried the high spending approach a few times.  He forked out the money for Albert Belle in 1999, and again for Miguel Tejada, Javy Lopez, and Rafael Palmeiro in the same off season.  For whatever reason Angelos has the reputation that he doesn’t like to spend money.  But that was proven wrong again a few seasons ago when the Orioles were serious suitors for the services of Mark Teixeira.  Once McPhail was brought in, Andy decided that the Orioles should build from within and only spend money on smart investments.  The last few seasons McPhail admitted that the top free agents available were not worth the money that they demanded.  And Andy was right.  The majority of free agents that signed for big money over the past few years have not lived up to expectations.  Last year there was also a report that Angelos told McPhail that the money would be there for whoever he thought he needed.  It was McPhail that rightfully decided not to use it.

So it appears that Mr. Angelos is willing to spend the money to bring in big players whenever the general manager feels it’s worth it.  Angelos wants Duquette to pursue Fielder, and now it’s up to Duquette to decide if he wants to.  Any baseball expert or fan knows that Fielder is one of those guys that is worth the money.  So in my opinion if Duquette does not actively pursue Fielder after having the support of Angelos then his reign as GM is not off to a good start.

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