After being embarrassed by Charlie Batch on his home turf, Ed Reed somehow found a way to talk smack about the Steelers’ 37 year old backup quarterback.

According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Reed intervened during Bernard Pollard’s postgame interview while Pollard was attempting to answer a question about Batch.

“Were you surprised that Charlie Batch was able to make those kind of throws against you guys,” a reporter asked.

Pollard responded with: “No, he is a professional quarterback. He is on the roster for a reason …”

Just as Pollard said that, Reed, whose locker is next to Pollard’s and was getting dressed at the time, did the old pretend-like-you-are-coughing-but-saying-a-derogatrory-word-under-your-breath gimmick.

“Bull(expletive),” Reed said trying to mask the comment with a cough.

Very mature. I’m all for smack talk in winning locker rooms, but stupid comments after disappointing losses only highlights idiocy.

Keep in mind, this ridiculous BS-cough was made by the same guy that started the near-mutiny in the Ravens locker room in October. Coincidentally enough, neither story was mentioned by local media.

Batch had no comment about Reed’s “tackling abilities”.

Ed Reed can't effing tackle