After being embarrassed by Charlie Batch on his home turf, Ed Reed somehow found a way to talk smack about the Steelers’ 37 year old backup quarterback.

According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Reed intervened during Bernard Pollard’s postgame interview while Pollard was attempting to answer a question about Batch.

“Were you surprised that Charlie Batch was able to make those kind of throws against you guys,” a reporter asked.

Pollard responded with: “No, he is a professional quarterback. He is on the roster for a reason …”

Just as Pollard said that, Reed, whose locker is next to Pollard’s and was getting dressed at the time, did the old pretend-like-you-are-coughing-but-saying-a-derogatrory-word-under-your-breath gimmick.

“Bull(expletive),” Reed said trying to mask the comment with a cough.

Very mature. I’m all for smack talk in winning locker rooms, but stupid comments after disappointing losses only highlights idiocy.

Keep in mind, this ridiculous BS-cough was made by the same guy that started the near-mutiny in the Ravens locker room in October. Coincidentally enough, neither story was mentioned by local media.

Batch had no comment about Reed’s “tackling abilities”.

Ed Reed can't effing tackle

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  1. Zach, are you a Steelers fan? Because correct me if I’m wrong but I am reading this on a Baltimore sports web site, right? Any writer free of biased opinions with half of a brain would not attempt to discredit Ed Reed in any way. He is possibly the best safety of ALL TIME.
    Obviously in the play you have running at the bottom of this page, Ed is attempting to strip the ball, which is why he isn’t bringing him down but rather holding him up. Did you really not know this? Have you never seen a player do this? Baltimore’s defense has been trained for years to go for the ball. If you think Ed Reed can’t tackle, perhaps you should look up some of his highlights.
    Also, it baffles me that someone could propose that one of the smartest players in the NFL is an idiot. Good luck with your writing career though.

    • Matt – It’s common knowledge that Reed shies away from tackling.

      Moreover, instead of just making the tackle, Reed more often goes for the BIG PLAY which helps him make SportsCenter highlights, but sometimes is a detriment to the team.

      Too many publications in this city pump sunshine up the Ravens’ a$$es 24×7, so it’s refreshing to read some unbiased criticism of the team when it’s warranted.

      If you want warm Ravens fuzzier, and it seems you do, go to or to The Sun, with any writer except Preston. For TV news, see Bruce “On the Ravens payroll” Cunningham.

      BTW, Reed is dumb as a brick so if you’re defending his intelligence it just shows where you fall in the pecking order.

  2. Ha! Matt whatever you want to call what asshole Reed was trying to do to Dwyer…IT DIDNT WORK!!! lmao!!! LOSERS!!!!

  3. Reed doesn’t tackle anymore because his shoulders and neck are beyond repair and he can barely get up from a simple tackle. Did you see him after the INT return? He stayed down until he could muster the strength to get up.

    IMO he shouldn’t be playing football with his injury situation, but to make comments about his tackling without acknowledging his health, and taking countless other jabs only discredits you.

    • terpshooter – If the dude aint healthy enough to play, get him off the field. Last I checked, tackling was a pretty significant part of being a safety in the NFL.

      Reed is a drama queen, from his rantings about “retiring” every off season, to his “Ravens are disrespecting me” quotes, to his constant theatrics with his slow getting up after whiffing a tackle. He’s gotta have the spotlight on him.

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