Apparently Ed Reed was hoping to make $6-7 million next season — which, if we’re being honest, is insane. The Houston Texans, who flew him in on the owner’s jet last week, offered just a pinch more than $4 million.

Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed Reed

If the market doesn’t find Reed as valuable as he does (and they won’t), there’s a possibility he could be back in Baltimore and finish his career with the Ravens. It’s fitting that Hall of Famers Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis and potentially Ed Reed would start and end their careers in Charm City.

John Harbaugh hasn’t been shy about his interest in keeping Reed. The Ravens head coach told the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec that he’s “very hopeful” Reed will return.

After the Ravens decided to cut ties with Bernard Pollard, I’m left wondering why they’re so interested in keeping Reed. Harbaugh has assured fans that the decision to show Pollard the door was based solely on salary cap restrictions, but many have speculated, including Mike Florio of, that Pollard wore out his welcome in the locker room.

As one league source said in response to the news, “Three teams in how many years. Soon four. What does that tell you?”

Another source says that Pollard has a reputation for being outspoken, for complaining, and for drawing too much attention to himself. He wears on a team, with his talent keeping him around for a second year or third year.

If that’s truly the case, you have to think that Reed won’t be back for the same reasons. His role in the locker room mutiny was apparently just as strong as Pollard’s.

Reed has complained about being disrespected by the front office, he told reporters before the Super Bowl that he “could definitely play for Bill Belichick”, he cost the Ravens 20 grand for chatting about an undisclosed injury in a radio interview with the president of his foundation, he questioned Joe Flacco‘s play last postseason and made snide remarks about an opposing quarterback after a loss.

Not to mention the fact that Reed really doesn’t offer much on the field anymore. His hip injuries have made him a liability when it comes to tackling and his big-play gambling often leaves the Ravens’ corners out to dry.

So with all that said, why would John Harbaugh and the Ravens want Ed Reed back?

Maybe they don’t. Perhaps Harbaugh is telling the media what he thinks the fans want to hear (not this one, but most). If I were calling the shots, I’d let Reed continue to shop around and let him take a $4 million deal somewhere else.

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  1. Highly agree with you on Reed. Ed has always been my favorite player but his off field antics have certainly made me lose some respect. Especially when he turned to twitter to say he would make his free agency decision like Lebron James. He just wants attention and that is not the Raven way. I wish him luck but hope it’s somewhere else! Next man up!

  2. I can’t see a scenario where Reed returns next season. Harbaugh is very adept at saying the right thing, but in my mind if he truly wanted him, with the Houston’s offer on the table, it would have happened already.

  3. From a non-Ravens fan perspective, I have no clue why any team would want him. He catches the ball when it’s near him, but otherwise does absolutely NOTHING. 49 tackles last year? I’d bet 40 of those were either pushing a guy out or instances where he got credited just for being closest to a man down or out of play.

    The smallest of running backs can stiff arm Ed out of the way. I honestly believe that if you gave any free safety in the league Ed’s assignment to simply look for INTs, any one of them could rack up the same numbers. He literally does nothing else helpful anymore.

  4. I agree bye Ed Reed he stays hurt with his age and his sometimie attitude he can go.

  5. Free Safeties like Ed are not going to rack up tackles because they’re ballhawks. You guys who are only measuring this in tackles are looking at this all wrong.

    Go out on the market. Who are the best FS options? Reed, Kerry Rhodes, and maybe you could gamble on Michael Huff or an even moreso aging Charles Woodson. That’s it. There are plenty of in-the-box strong safety options out there but FS like Reed are few and far between and in their younger years they tend to get substantial payouts.

    If the Ravens can get Reed back for close to 4 mil a year for a 2-3 year deal, they’re foolish to not do it given his intangibles with leadership on the field and how weak the FS market is.

    I’d rather have a guy getting in there breaking up passes and making big plays than racking up tackles in the secondary where the runner or receiver has already gained positive yardage because the front 7 couldn’t bring him down first. And if I recall, Reed made more than a handful of huge tackles last year including a few that were helmet to helmet calls (some questionable) where he laid people out. He can still bring it.

    I think the Ravens want him back but I think they’re willing to call his bluff just like they did a few years ago with Ray when he flirted with going to Dallas for a few weeks before re-upping here.

    • Afraid not…see my post a few above.

      The Ravens GET the players they want.

      They didn’t WANT Reed.

      I really think that some Ravens’ fans believe EVERYTHING they are told.

      Harbaugh DID NOT want Reed. Stop buying everything this team says and use your noggins.

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