Ed Reed It doesn’t matter what you think of the rule, Ed Reed broke it. You can’t hit defenseless players in the head or neck and if you do, you’ll be fined or suspended.

You can say the NFL is biased or that they hate the Ravens or aren’t really concerned with concussion injuries or list any other meaningless excuses. It doesn’t matter. Ed Reed hit Emmanuel Sanders in the head, he’s a repeat offender and now he’ll be on the bench in week 12.

The fact is that Reed doesn’t tackle. He doesn’t wrap up, he hits guys high and whether it’s accidental or not, his technique — or lack thereof — has resulted in three violations in three seasons. Perhaps Reed’s ailing hip bothers him too much to make a proper tackle, one in which he lowers his shoulders and wraps around the waist, which forces him to go in for the big pop.

If that’s the case, then maybe Reed shouldn’t be out of the field. If he’s not healthy enough to properly perform, isn’t he hurting the team?

But I’m skeptical of that hypothesis.

Reed has always gone for the big play — and often times he makes it — running in at full speed and trying to bulldozer a receiver could cause a fumble or at least a highlight reel hit. I tend to think that has more to do with his technique than his injury history.

Either way, Reed will have to change his ways. Another helmet-to-helmet hit will not only hurt his wallet a little more, but will result in a multi-game suspension.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Zach,

    Are you a sportwriter or a hack?

    This article on Ed Reed needing to learn how to tackle is the biggest piece of grabage I have ever read. First of all, most in the NFL do not know how to tackle…Ed certainly knows more than most. If you had ever played a down of football in your life, you would realize the tackle Ed made on Sunday was not bad in any way, shape or form….Nada. He led with his SHOULDER and just happened to hit with the helmet. Also, given Ed’s physical situation, he isnt LOOKNG for extreme contact..in fact he avoids it as much as possible. Please tell me how a player can make a tackle with his head BACK?????

    The NFL could really care less..all they are doing is saving face. They have so many lawsuits against them it is not even funny. They will settle in 5 years as that is about how long it will take to go through the courts, and many of the players named will be dead so they wont have to pay out quite so much.

    Bottom-line: Ssying Ed Reed needs to learn to tackle is ridiculous for many reasons. If you knew anything about football, you would realize your naive statements.


    • Arthur Hill,

      Are you dyslexic or do you struggle with reading comprehension?

      Not once in this blog does Mr. Wilt declare that Reed not “know” how to tackle, thus your statement “Ed Reed needing to LEARN how to tackle…” shows you ignorance and/or your manlove for Reed.

      Mr. Wilt discusses injuries, perhaps, preventing Reed from tackling properly, but not once says he doesn’t know the proper technique.

      Before calling someone a “hack” maybe you should read the article instead of blindly supporting your crush on Reed.

  2. Oh..it seems someone actually “in the know” reversed the suspension. Only a fine now, as it should be.

  3. Arthur, you are correct about the tackling technique being somewhat lost with many players in the NFL. Zach is correct in saying Ed’s technique could use some polish. Ed Reed is on the field because of his ability to intercept passes, not perform proper tackling technique. Ed Reed used to be a solid tackler, those days are long gone. Thank God I haven’t seen him try one of his laterals that never work once he intercepts the ball.

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