ESPN The Magazine cover claims Orioles will finish last
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And you wonder why Orioles fans hate the advanced stats folks? Well, here’s why.

In their most recent edition, dubbed the “Analytics Issue”, ESPN The Magazine boldy claims that “the Orioles will finish last” on their March cover. Of course, they’re using the same logic printed by the same folks that kept saying the O’s would fall back to earth through their 162 game lucky run last season.

This year’s prediction comes from the same writers that said the Orioles wouldn’t win more than 70 games last season and defended that argument with a clearly flawed run differential statistic.

You know, every city whines about how the national media dislikes their team. But how many cities have their team ripped on the cover of ESPN The Magazine the year after they won 93 freaking games?

I hope this thing is posted in everyone’s locker in the Orioles’ clubhouse. I hope they reference it in interviews throughout the season and it motivates this already hungry team even more.

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  1. I saw that garbage and had a good snicket at the article too. They seem to forget that the rotation was shaky until late, we get to see a full year of Manny, clutch hitting, and their whole premise that one of the best bullpens will magically revert to one of the worst. It’s cool i for one like that the fans and the team wear that chip on or shoulders with pride. It will be all the more sweeter this fall just like it was on February 3rd after they proclaimed the Ravens done for the past three games.

  2. Why is the second half of the season so easily dismissed and the first half professed as the “end all, be all” with this team? You guys have shown the second half numbers over and over, yet the first half is what these clowns at ESPN continue to focus on.

  3. If the O’s won 93 games with this team last year, imagine how many they could win if Peter the Great wasn’t so damn cheap. Spend some money. Hamilton could bat 4th and spend his nights at Springfield State Hospital for all I care! Michael Morse could have been patrolling the outfield. I would rather make the wrong move than no move. No move was the wrong way to go. He f#cked us by not making a major move!

    • I definitely wouldn’t want Morse in the outfield. Also, he wasn’t a free agent.

    • I know i may be in the minority but i for one didn’t wasn’t to lock up that much salary in an injury prone Hamilton and all his baggage and bad attitude. More would’ve been nice but we don’t know what was being asked for the O’s to give up to get him. I would have liked to have seen LaRoche or even resign the sheriff. then again a healthy brob and Nolan with a full year of nick in addition to Davis playing his everyday is going to pay dividends.

    • I agree with Nails,,,,,peter the Great has got to let loose of the money bag if the fans of Baltimore are to enjoy a constant winning ballclub,,,,,,,,,,,,,until then it’s , will they get lucky or not baseball……………….

  4. The Hat of the Three-Toed Man-Baby

    Stick to something you understand, because clearly statistics and forecasting are not your strong suit. Maybe first-grade arithmetic?

  5. Don’t give me any credit, 1st grade arithmetic is way too hard. I will take kindergarten words for $100….

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