ESPN the Magazine recently ranked every professional sports franchise in the four major sports. Their rankings were based on five categories that including bang for the buck (wins during the past three years), fan relations, ownership, affordability, stadium experience, players, coaching and title track.  So, where do Baltimore’s teams stack up?

The Ravens are ranked 21st behind teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers (7), the Atlanta Falcons (20) and the Indianapolis Colts (14).  The Ravens overall ranked 23rd in bang for the buck, 44th in fan relations, 10th in ownership, 59th in affordability, 35th in stadium experience, 18th in players, 35th in coaching and 24th in title track.

The Orioles were ranked 67th of the 122 professional teams.  They finished ahead of and around the Florida Marlins (69), Pittsburgh Pirates (70), and New York Yankees (75).  The O’s finished 11th in stadium experience and 17th in coaching.

Baltimore’s teams topped the Washington Nationals (78) and Washington Redskins (121).  The Packers took the top honor and the Bengals were ranked last.