Former Ravens tight end Daniel Wilcox had some harsh words for the Ravens coaching staff on Tuesday. Wilcox was a guest on the Mark Viviano show and he discussed the “arrogance” of Cam Cameron, John Harbaugh’s coaching ability and how the Ravens move forward after a bad loss in Pittsburgh.

In 2008, Wilcox worked under Cam Cameron during Cam’s first year with the Ravens. While he respected Cameron’s ability to match up his offenses against defenses, he questioned his personality and play calls.

“There are moments in the game where you are left scratching your head wondering ‘what in the hell is Cam thinking,” Wilcox said.

“Anytime you [are] dealing with coaches in the NFL, some of the things that you have to deal with is arrogance and I think Cam Cameron has a lot of that.”

Wilcox didn’t appreciate Cameron’s critiques on the offense and inability to take the blame for his own mistakes.  “He would never point the finger at himself, but he would point it at all of us. And you know it got old at the end of the year.”

The former Ravens was less critical of John Harbaugh, but did say that he thought guys were more likely to “go to war for Mike Tomlin before they will go to war for John Harbaugh.”  Wilcox did say that he felt that John Harbaugh was not honest with him in a meeting they had after the season ended.

“My last year in Baltimore John Harbaugh shook my hand and he said ‘you had a great year here buddy, I know you dealt with a lot of injuries and a lot of pain and you played through everything, you’re a man for what you did and I want you back here next year.’  I walked out that door knowing that I wasn’t coming back to Baltimore.”

Though he never referenced Harbaugh’s rough coaching style directly he did say that he didn’t think it was the best style for Todd Heap.

“If he stays in Baltimore I give him another year or two,” Wilcox said.  He added that Heap could play for another five under a coach with a style like Brian Billick.

“Brian Billick was the type of coach that would put years on your career.”