I guess everyone deals with the pain in their own way. For one fan, poking fun at John Harbaugh’s “mighty men” slogan is the first step towards healthy fan hood in 2011.

User socalsean listed 53 Mighty Men sweaters on eBay with a rather depressing description.

I am selling 53 Mighty Men Of Baltimore Varisty Sweaters. These are great looking items that were suppose to show the NFL how tough we were, and how great a motivator i am. It’s backfired on me and i look like a failed college coach. I’m starting to get scared my brother Jim is going to pass me by. I need to get rid of these and try a new approach to motivate men, not boys. If you act soon, i’ll include a real life red challenge flag that has a history of getting it right 12%. Will not be sold to any Steeler fans for use on Halloween or April’s fool Day! To prove your not from Western Pa. we will be asking for a photo of your full dentures.

Coach J “harbs” Harbaugh

Thanks to my friend Socalsean for helping with the sale. Next week i’ll be selling used dog houses, and how to coach in the NFL for dummies handbooks!