Having a top tier tight end on your team makes you that much stronger. During the course of the season there will be plenty of WR and RB that will emerge as new stars. You will have plenty of chances to pick these kinds of guys up. What you usually can’t pick up in the season is a tight end. So I can’t stress how important it is to draft a good one. Guess when The Fantasy God took a TE this year? I took Gronkowski in the first round. Granted that was mainly because I had a pick at the end of the first, but I still wanted him. I thought it was more important to grab Gronk in round 1 and catch a good RB on the way back, than it was to take a RB in round 1 and hope that Gronk came back to me. So yeah…I like TE’s a lot.

1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)

2. Jimmy Graham (NO)

This year’s elite class top two round TE’s are consisted of these two guys. Graham is being drafted in front of Gronk, and I just can’t understand why. I don’t see it. Yes, Graham is talented, but Gronk is a TD machine. I understand that Hernandez is also really good and is supposed to steal yards from Gronk. But Gronk gets all the red zone looks and he can’t be stopped. He is #1 in my book by far.

3. Antonio Gates (SD)

4. Vernon Davis (SF)

5. Aaron Hernandez (NE)

6. Jermichael Finley (GB)

7. Fred Davis (WAS)

8. Brandon Pettigrew (DET)

I honestly see all of these guys being elite. Gates is going to have a Gates like season this year. Expect huge numbers from him. He started slow due to injury last season, but finished just as strong as ever. Please try to get Gronk, Graham, or Gates. I wouldn’t target any lower although I think these guys will be good.

9. Jason Witten (DAL)

10. Owen Daniels (HOU)

11. Tony Gonzalez (ATL)

12. Jacob Tamme (DEN)

13. Dallas Clark (TB)

14. Tony Moeaki (KC)

These are all comeback players. Witten has to bounce back and have a decent season. The rest of these guys will all put up slightly better numbers than they did last season.

15. Martellus Bennett (NYG)

16. Jared Cook (TEN)

17. Brent Celek (PHI)

18. Coby Fleener (IND)

19. Ed Dickson (BAL)

20. Jermaine Gresham (CIN)

21. Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

We mainly have emerging TE’s in this list. Guys that will start to produce in the NFL and be on the path of becoming higher ranked TE’s. With the except of Celek who has already seen his best days. I honestly wouldn’t target any of the guys underneath of here. None of them are really fantasy worthy.

22. Mercedes Lewis (JAC)

23. Heath Miller (PIT)

24. Dustin Keller (NYJ)

25. Kellen Winslow (SEA)

26. Kellen Davis (CHI)

27. Greg Olsen (CAR)

28. Lance Kendricks (STL)

29. Evan Moore (CLE)

30. Anthony Fasano (MIA)

31. Todd Heap (ARI)

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