I have to have a great corps of WR. To me, it’s essential and the most important thing on any fantasy team. There are plenty of QB that will produce, and RB usually turns out to be a dime a dozen. I absolutely have to have three stud WR and a great TE because it makes a team very strong. Target three WR in fairy early rounds and make sure that all of them are over par. In my first fantasy draft of the year I drafted Harvin, Bryant, and Maclin all within the first five rounds. I also took Gronkowski, which means four of my first five picks were all receiving targets. I also grabbed an elite RB in that span and then waited on QB. My team is very good and your can be the same if you have proper WR strategy.

1. Calvin Johnson (DET)

2. Julio Jones (ATL)

3. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)

Nobody compares to Calvin so take him in the first round if you can. Fitzgerald is drafted before Jones, but I obviously like Jones more. The main difference is the quality of QB throwing to them.

4. Percy Harvin (MIN)

5. Greg Jennings (GB)

6. AJ Green (CIN)

7. Andre Johnson (HOU)

As you can tell, I’m pretty high on Percy Harvin. Go back and look at his numbers in 2011 please. He started to dominate late in the season and became one of the best fantasy WR in football. He is also the only fantasy WR that gets carries each game. You can usually expect an extra point each week in running yards. Take Harvin in round three. The rest of these guys are drafted before Harvin in most drafts. Jennings is a bit underrated this year because of a concussion that he suffered in pre season. He’s fine now and will be playing in week 1. I love Andre Johnson, but he’s never able to stay healthy. He will put up big points for you when he actually plays.

8. Dez Bryant (DAL)

9. Jeremy Maclin (PHI)

10. Brandon Marshall (CHI)

11. Roddy White (ATL)

Dez Bryant has the talent to be in the top three overall, but his head could prevent him from that. He has been disciplined pretty heavily by the Cowboys for off-field conduct which could help to keep his head in the game. If he is truly focused he could be elite this season, as not too many guys have his ability. Jeremy Maclin is similar to him in ability. I expect him to be one of this year’s break out Pro Bowl receivers. I would rather have Bryant and Maclin than Marshall and White. The later two are typically drafted in front of the other two. I still have Marshall and White ranked pretty high on my board, but they are starting to get older, and are being bypassed by some of the game’s younger talents. Feel comfortable selecting Marshall and White however.

12. Hakeem Nicks (NYG)

13. Victor Cruz (NYG)

14. Wes Welker (NE)

15. Miles Austin (DAL)

16. Marques Colston (NO)

17. Jordy Nelson (GB)

These guys are all pretty much the same to me. Yes, I like Nicks better than Cruz, because Nicks has more upside and is a better player overall. The rest of these guys are decent as a #2 WR and great as a #3 WR.

18. Vincent Jackson (TB)

19. Steve Smith (CAR)

20. Demaryius Thomas (DEN)

21. Torrey Smith (BAL)

22. Reggie Wayne (IND)

23. Antonio Brown (PIT)

24. Brandon Lloyd (NE)

25. Dwayne Bowe (KC)

26. Mike Wallace (PIT)

27. DeSean Jackson (PHI)

28. Eric Decker (DEN)

You can be hit or miss on most of the guys in this group as all of them have had their ups and downs. Guys like Thomas, Smith, Brown, and Decker are being picked by many to have breakout seasons. They are risky because they haven’t really proven anything yet. The guys who closer to the top of this group are the guys that I think have the best chance in breaking out. I feel that D. Thomas will be Manning’s favorite target. Smith should be Flacco’s favorite target, and Brown should be Roethlisberger’s favorite target. But it’s no lock that these things will actually happen.

29. Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK)

30. Robert Meachem (SD)

31. Anquan Boldin (BAL)

32. Pierre Garcon (WAS)

33. Justin Blackmon (JAC)

34. Michael Crabtree (SF)

35. Kendall Wright (TEN)

All of these guys are looking to either make strong debuts or to make comebacks. Heyward-Bey and Meachem are now considered to be veterans, but haven’t put up the numbers that many projected them to have. This could be their last chances as both of them are considered to be the #1 WR on their team. Boldin and Garcon are looking to stay relevant. Blackmon, Crabtree, and Wright all have a lot of talent are looking to have breakout seasons. I feel strongly that both Blackmon and Crabtree will have nice seasons. Blackmon has as much upside as AJ Green and Julio Jones did last season.

36. Kenny Britt (TEN)

37. Stevie Johnson (BUF)

38. Laurent Robinson (DET)

These three guys were pretty good the last few seasons. Because of off season troubles, decline, and age, they are risky to continue to play well. I’m really not a big fan of any of them, but I understand their limited upside.

39. Alshon Jeffery (CHI)

40. Titus Young (DET)

41. Malcom Floyd (SD)

42. Randall Cobb (GB)

43. Danny Amendola (STL)

44. Jon Baldwin (KC)

45. Lance Moore (NO)

46. James Jones (GB)

47. Santonio Holmes (NYJ)

48. Greg Little (CLE)

49. Dwayne Harris (DAL)

Everyone in this group is intriguing to me. At this point you’re looking at backups and bench depth. All of these guys are in pretty good situations and would be excellent depth guys. Any of them could break out and could become a solid starter for you at some point this season. Everyone listed underneath probably won’t be drafted in a standard 12 team league. If they are selected, they are selected in the last few rounds. I wouldn’t want any of them to be any higher than the #5 WR on my team.

50. Nate Burleson (DET)

51. Davone Bess (MIA)

52. Michael Floyd (ARI)

53. Stephen Hill (NYJ)

54. Rueben Randle (NYG)

55. Brandon LaFell (CAR)

56. Jerome Simpson (MIN)

57. Mario Manningham (SF)

58. Nate Washington (TEN)

59. Santana Moss (WAS)

60. Kevin Ogletree (DAL)

61. Emmanuel Sanders (PIT)

62. KeShawn Martin (HOU)

63. Golden Tate (SEA)

64. Sidney Rice (SEA)

65. Denarius Moore (OAK)

66. Austin Collie (IND)

67. Mike Williams (TB)

68. Randy Moss (SF)

69. Brian Quick (STL)

70.Mohamed Sanu (CIN)

71. Doug Baldwin (SEA)

72. Vincent Brown (SD)

73. Eddie Royal (SD)

74. Jacoby Ford (OAK)

75. Devery Henderson (NO)

Fantasy RB rankings will be tomorrow. TE rankings will follow on Thursday. Leave comments and questions.

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