There were some marquee players who went down this week including the #1 drafted WR. A lot of team roles have also changed thus creating new starting situations. Who should you pick up this week? Read along.

If there’s one thing that week 4 established it’s Tight End consistency. After the #1 drafted TE went down a few weeks ago many teams have been scampering to find new guys. After their week 4 performances it’s clear to me just how many TE’s are now safe bets. With that being said he is a look at all the hot pickups for Week 5 of the regular season.

Mark Sanchez (NYJ QB)– If anyone cuts him after last night’s beat down, then claim him. Don’t forget he put up huge fantasy numbers the first 3 weeks. You can’t fault the guy for putting up negative points against that defense. He will bounce back. The Jets are a good team.

Colt McCoy (CLE QB)– Looking more and more polished each week. 350 yards and a TD this past week. Pick him up to come off your bench.

Danario Alexander (STL WR)- I’ve mentioned him a lot. He’s huge and he gets a lot of targets. He’s getting ready to start putting up big numbers. He’s a safe #3 WR right now and could move as high as a #1 if healthy.

Michael Crabtree (SF QB)- Last week i said I saw big things coming for Crabtree. He caught 5 passes for 68 yards, and led his team. That’s a good sign. He is finally healthy and has huge upside. He has huge breakout star upside. Get him right now if someone cut him. If someone owns him then try to buy him low before the window closes.

Antonio Brown (PIT WR)- I’m getting redundant on this guy. I’ve said since before the season started that you needed to get this guy. He has passed Hines Ward and Emmanuel Sanders on the depth chart. This past week he caught more passes than anyone on his team, and combined for 85 yards. It’s about time he starts putting TD’s with all those yards.

Victor Cruz (NYG WR)- He’s put up the #s two straight weeks so take a chance on him.

Jacoby Jones/Kevin Walter (HOU WR)- If Andre Johnson has to miss any significant time then someone has to catch the ball in Houston’s high powered offense.

Darren Sproles (NO RB)- I’m on board with this guy now. He contributes every single week in some sort of fashion. Whether it’s return TD’s, combined yards, or rushing TD’s he does the job. He’s looking like the best option of all the RB’s the Saints have.

Stevan Ridley (NE RB)- The rookie is better than the other RB’s on his team. He hit 100 combined yards last week and scored a TD. It’s still a messy situation with Green-Ellis and Woodhead, but Ridley has the most talent and upside. Plus it’s a long season.

Jonathan Stewart (CAR RB)- I said last week that he was still relevant. And then last week he puts up 85 combined yards. Expect combined yards each week. It won’t take long for him to take over for DeAngelo, who he is better than.

Willis McGahee (DEN RB)- For some reason he’s getting all the carries over Moreno. I know that will change as the season goes on, but for now he’s an emergency option. He’s old though.

Bernard Scott (CIN RB)- The suspension for Cedric Benson could come as early as this week. At least he will actually start for a few games.

Ryan Torain (WAS RB)- If your picking him up then only use him as depth. The Redskins running game is officially tricky with Torain, Hightower, and Helu. It’s now impossible to tell which guy Shanahan will use on which day. We’ve seen him use the rookie in the 4th quarter in a close game, and now we’ve seen him completely use a guy who didn’t tough the ball the first 3 weeks. Good luck with any of them. Typical Shanahan RB situation. I remember years ago picking up and dropping Olandis Gary and Clinton Portis before the season started trying to figure out which one would start for Shanahan. Luckily I went with the rookie Portis as he carried me to yet another championship. Which guy do I recommend here? Hightower.

Brandon Pettigrew (DET TE)- I really think he will put up nice yardage every single week. Detroit throws a ton and Stafford has been connecting with him a lot over the last few weeks. He’s a starter right now on your team.

Greg Olsen (CAR TE)- He wanted redemption against his former team last week, and got it. His value doesn’t stop there. With Newton some how being able to throw for a lot of yards each week and keep everyone involved, he will get plenty of chances. He’s always been somewhat of an underrated TE. If you had Gates, or are hurting for a TE then Olsen is a guy you should be able to rely on each week.

Jared Cook (TEN TE)- We’ve all been waiting for him to break out. Or at least I was. Cook was a big sleeper heading into this season with a lot of upside. Now that he had his first big day there’s a chance his role increases week by week. By the end of the season he could be a #1 TE for your team. I’m not guaranteeing it, but there is upside there, and he showed flashes of that brilliance last week. Kenny Britt being out may have been what he needed.

Benjamin Watson (CLE TE)- It looks like he’s going to get you at least 50 yards each week. Thats 5 points in a non PPR. Not bad out of a TE. At least he’s consistent. And any TD’s that he catches will be a bonus.

Jermaine Gresham (CIN TE)- Starting to be more and more productive. The only thing that scares me about him is all the weapons that his team has. They have to spread the ball around, but they don’t have a QB capable of doing that.

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  1. So what are your thoughts on Tate now that Foster seems healthy? I was thinking about dropping him since it seems his value is pretty low unless you are trading Tate to the owner that has Foster.

  2. “The only thing that scares me about [Gresham] is all the weapons that his team has. [Bengals] have to spread the ball around, but they don’t have a QB capable of doing that.”

    …do you follow the bengals at all? What weapons? And Dalton is akshually not a bad qb

    • The Fantasy God

      AJ Green is a legit #1 WR. Jerome Simpson and Shipley have huge upside. Caldwell is a solid receiver. Gresham has been good all season. I like Bernard Scott and think he would be solid if he were a starter. Plus he’s a reception guy. On top of all that they still have to find a way to give Cedric Benson a lot of carries, because that’s what he needs. That’s too much ball spreading. Dalton has only touched 200 yards 2 of the 4 weeks. Plus he’s had 4 INT’s in the last 2 weeks.

  3. Putting aside week 2, look at the production from simpson and caldwell… From yardage and catches/target they are nowhere near good. We’re just speculating on Bernard so discussing him is moot. Shipley is out for the season.

    Gresham and Green are the only go to guys this season, and Dalton is only gonna get better. So Gresham really has no threats to his production, other than rookie inconsistency

    • The Fantasy God

      If your saying those WR’s haven’t produced then that’s a reflection on dalton not being good. You have to speculate on those guys because fantasy is all about speculation and upside. If your always going to play for the now and ignore upside your not going to win anything.

  4. What are your thoughts on C.J. Spiller, would you drop him right now for a guy like Antonio Brown or is Spiller’s upside to great that I should hold onto him for a little bit longer to see what the Bill’s can do?

    • The Fantasy God

      I would cut spiller for Antonio brown…im not too sure spiller will do a whole lot this season unless Jackson goes down…and seeing how their offense has already peaked for the season I don’t think its likely…brown on the other hand is getting better each week, is already their #2 WR, and already has value in a PPR for his receptions…and he hasn’t even started scoring yet

  5. Any thoughts on Steven jackson?

    • The Fantasy God

      I’ve never liked Jackson…in my RB preview article I said not to draft him and that he is old and injury prone…your stuck with him now…if you can trade him then do it…if not then he should be decent for another 4 games this year

  6. I need opinions on which receivers to start this week. (PPR)
    I have Steve Smith, Mike Wallace, Marques Colston, Steve Johnson, A.J. Green, and Jacoby Ford. Pick 2, as I already have my flex spot filled with Fred Jackson.

    I pretty much know I have to start Steve Smith(Car) let me know if you disagree, and I know Mike Wallace should be an automatic start every week, however I don’t like his matchup being covered by Finnegan, and Roethlisber will be playing on a hurt foot if he plays. Im thinking I should play Steve Smith,and a.j green. thoughts??

    League #2

    I have the same question. pick 2 WR’s

    A.J. Green, Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford (not lookin good. I know.)

    Im thinkin A.J. Green again, and taking a chance on Jacoby Ford…( I know it’s a long shot,but I see a lot of upside in him.) Let me know if you think I should drop any these guys for pickups in free agency/waivers (give me some examples if so of some available in a lot of leagues. Im thinking I should dump lance Moore for Jacoby Jones??? But who knows how long andre Johnson will be gone?? Thanks for the help!!

    Pick 2 again

    • The Fantasy God

      I do my research tonight in preparation for my blog tomorrow about who to sit and bench. I will respond to this specifically tomorrow though and let u know

    • The Fantasy God

      Steve Smith yes. The second spot is either AJ Green or Stevie Johnson. I like them both. AJ Green was your gut, and I really like him this week, so go with him. He could have a huge game. He is a little risky and inconsistent since he’s a rookie, but the reward is very high.

      In league #2 definitely AJ Green. Lance Moore is the best option of those 3. I don’t even have Denarius Moore listed on my starting page so he is the guy I would dump first. If Antonio Brown is available I’d pick him up and start him. Other possible pickups and starts: McCluster, Burress, David Nelson. I like those guys better than Moore this week. If none of them are available just start Moore. He has the chance to score a TD every single week.

  7. Good deal! Thanks.

  8. Thanks again. dropped Denarius Moore for Antonio Brown. Will start Brown over Lance Moore.

  9. Who do you think will be better in the long run in my flex position aj green or stevie johnson?

    I have a trade on the table and am trying to see who I want to give away and who I want to keep.


    • That’s a win win situation. Its like asking if you’d rather have Papa Johns or Ledos. Both are great but one is a better option than another on certain days. If I had to pick one that will score more season points I’d pick AJ Green if he stays healthy.

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